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Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review The Nativity The Life of Jesus Christ DVD from Bridgestone MultiMedia Group. Bridgestone MultiMedia Group is one of the leading Christian media providers who offers family and faith-based entertainment products that inspire and spread the message of hope to viewers. They offer hundreds of movies titles from comedies, dramas children’s videos, adventures, educational, documentaries and many more. 

the nativity

This DVD is very inspirational! It is the greatest story every told about the life of Jesus Christ from his birth through his childhood. When he grows into adulthood he shares a special message that is heard by many, but not all become his followers and his life ends brutally. It is so amazing to sit and watch this amazing film that takes you back and makes you realize the sacrifices he made, his resurrection and ascension into heaven. 

This is a great informational movie for anyone to enjoy and learn about. I am definitely glad I watched this movie, it answered some of my lingering questions as I know many of us have and some no one knows the answer to. I will be able to explain more to the boys when they have questions of the events in Jesus Christs life. I think it is amazing that we have a look at how and what Jesus Christ went through and also makes you thinks about your life now. If you would like to watch this amazing DVD it is one I recommend.  You can purchase your very own copy on Bridgestone MultiMedia Group Website here for just $19.95. DVD’s make the perfect stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. 

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