I had the pleasure of working with The Lovely Candy Company  to review some of their awesome gluten free and g.m.o. free candies!  The Lovely Candy Company is a family owned business and every piece of candy they make is free of soy, corn, wheat & there is no artificial anything in the yummy candies!  It all began with a quest for the perfect licorice for Jackie; her husband Mike was on a journey to find g.m.o. free and gluten free licorice!  What began with licorice, transformed into many more family favorites.  The varieties to choose from are great and they range from licorice to caramels to fruit chews with plenty of amazing flavors!


I had the opportunity to try the Caramels and the Fruit Chews and they were very scrumptious!  I couldn’t stop eating the caramels and my fiancé loved the fruit chews!  His favorite flavor was by far the apple, but he said the others were also hard to put down.  Knowing that the candies aren’t horrible for you makes you not feel as bad when you’re pigging out! 🙂  I gave my good friend (who has gluten free diet needs) a bag of the Super Fruit Chews and the Chocolate Caramel Swirls and she loved them!  She was so excited to have candy that was gluten free and she said they were delicious!  She enjoyed the raspberry super fruit chew the best but also agreed that they were all tasty!

fruitchews caramelslovely

The Lovely Candy Company sells their wonderful candy online and it’s also available at multiple stores including some Targets, Bristol Farms, Home Goods and Hallmark stores among many other places!  Right now on The Lovely Candy Company’s website, Women’s World is offering an awesome 25% discount for all orders just in time for Valentine’s day!  Also, free shipping!  Right now, you can get (3) six ounce bags of fruit chews, super fruit chews, caramels or chocolate caramel swirls for $13.48!  That’s comes out to less than $4.50 a bag for tons of yummy and more importantly healthy goodness to eat!  To see more from The Lovely Candy Company, go to their website here.


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