The boys are starting school in less than a week and I know both of them will have homework so I have been trying to think of ways to help them stay organized during this school year. I home schooled Andrew last year and Ty didn’t have to go to school so getting them in the groove of a new school, having to do homework is going to be a challenge. I came across this website called The Homework Caddy

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The Homework Caddy Organizer was created by a mother of three children who was trying to stay organized with papers, homework, school projects and books and ended up finding things all over her house. She created a product that can hang on the wall or on a standard door to organize your child’s papers, books etc. all in one place. It even has a washable calendar to help keep track of assignments, project dates, sports, play activities and more.caddy 3

We received the Sports Homework Caddy in the mail and we can not wait to start using.  I thought this would be a neat product for us to try since we are all having to adjust to the boys going to school and it also teaches them how to stay organized, which is great especially at their age as they are never to young to learn. 

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The Homework Caddy organizer features a magnetic dry erase board with marker, two clear plastic supply pockets to hold pencils, rulers, scissors, four legal size pocket folders which is great to hold their loose papers,  permission slips or papers parents have to sign, a clear display window that is good for their school menu so we know what will be served at lunch for the week or month, two adhesives to hold the caddy on the wall or door without any damage to the surface, and two magic hooks that can hold poster boards that can be rolled up to save space. The Homework Caddy organizer is great for anyone who wants to help their child stay organized and help with an easy transition throughout the school year. They have four designs to choose from for one low price. This would even be great for teachers to have at school. I can not wait to start using this for the boys when they start school in a few days. 

To see more products visit The Homework Caddy Website here. Order today to help your child have an organized school year. Review





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