As cell phone users we all know how important it is to keep our phones safe from accidents. Whether it’s from drops in the pool, on the sidewalk or even at the hands of a child innocently playing, it’s all too easy to scratch, dent or even break the screen of a smartphone. It’s no surprise how upsetting this can be, especially when the price of said phones is steadily increasing with every new model. Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the opportunity to work with The Case Studio to review their products created with the purpose of helping to prevent such accidents.


The Case Studio is based on self-expression and letting your smartphone/tablet become the canvas on which you share your creativity. The Custom phone and tablet case allows its user to personalize every last detail of their case. You can customize and monogram whatever design you choose and even upload pictures for a truly unique, custom-made phone or tablet case. The Case Studio’s unique 3D Thermal Color Fusion process covers your phone with a custom case that reaches from edge to edge with no annoying borders. It allows you to choose your exact device to customize the case to for any tablet or smartphone.

For my review I was sent one of The Case Studio’s Sleek Cases.


The Case Studio Sleek Case for the Galaxy S5 is an ultra-thin, super-tough polymer shell that fits snugly onto your smartphone without slipping, cracking fading or peeling. It provides an extra layer against scratch protection and also allows for the most unique of custom designs because it allows you to upload any photo of your choice and tailors the case around it. Choose from your own photos, logos, or monograms and then wait while the 3D Thermal Color Fusion process do the rest as it brings your images to life with photo-quality resolution and vibrant colors. I went through all three categories; Our Designers, Our Patterns and Upload your own. I chose to upload my own image of the boys from Easter last year. The process was very easy. The hard part was choosing the colors of my design, and deciding which font I wanted to use. You are able to design the entire case from start to finish. Whether you want an image, chevron pattern or collage, it seems the options are endless. I highly recommend the Case Studio to anyone who wants to add a beautiful case to your iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, Laptop or Tablet. 

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