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Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with a company called The Bouqs. The Bouqs  is not your ordinary online flower company, its a new flower service that is bringing quality, simplicity, and a little romance to online flowers. The company is solving a basic problem: buying flowers online today is a terrible experience.

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The Bouqs makes ordering flowers easy with just a few clicks. While I was browsing around their very professional website to choose my flowers I was very impressed at the quality of their images and price. They offer three prices starting at $40 for the Original, $50 for Deluxe and $70 for Grand.
I chose the Cornucopia Lily that has 16 blooms for just $40. Lilies are my favorite flower because they are so beautiful when they bloom. Being fall I thought these would be a perfect addition sitting in my dining room. I added my flower order to my cart, scheduled my delivery date and checked out in three simple steps. The only requirement is that you must be present to sign for your delivery.


When my flowers arrived I loved the box they arrived in. It’s not your ordinary brown cardboard box but is a beautiful black and grey box with a nice pattern on it. I opened my box and took my flowers out not all blooms had opened up which I thought was amazing. When I put them in the vase with water by lunchtime their blooms were starting to open up. I loved the colors and were a great addition to my table. It has been been almost two weeks and my blooms are just starting to fall. I can’t wait till Christmas time to order more for my table. I am absolutely in love with my flowers and everyone who has came to the house has complimented and wanted to know where I got these beautiful flowers from. I’m glad I could say an online flower company called The Bouqs. The Bouqs caters to all your needs whether you are looking for something for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just to have The Bouqs is the perfect online flower company. They are not like other flower companies where you receive your flowers and they wont last a week. The Bouqs cuts their flowers from eco-friendly farms located on the side of an active Volcano in South America, 10,000 ft. above sea level, fresh to order and are shipped directly to California where they ship them straight to the recipients door via FedEx.

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The Bouqs offers a subscription service for regular deliveries at a discount. They have three different subscriptions to choose from; the Traditional, NeverForget that remembers your important dates and sends email reminders and Just Because subscription is for guys to give hints to send flowers to the woman in their life. Head over to their website where you can get an amazing deal they have going on; 


If you would like to purchase the Cornucopia Lily choose which package you would like: $40 includes 16 blooms, the Deluxe is $50 which includes 32 blooms and the Grande is $70 which includes 48 long stem blooms.

View Fresh. Easy. Beautiful. The Bouqs: Bouquets, Simplified here.

To see more about The Bouqs visit their Website here.

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