“The Persil brand provided me with a sample of Persil ProClean laundry detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.”

Living with three little boys and my husband I can say that laundry is a never ending thing and I am sure it’s like that in most of your homes as well. It seems once I have the laundry baskets emptied that very evening its over flowing with everyone’s laundry from that day. I probably wash at least three to four loads a week, so that means I go through laundry detergent very quickly. I received the all new Persil ProClean Detergents to try with my families laundry. 


Persil ProClean is a powerful laundry detergent formulated with Pro-Power™ Technology, that delivers a premium clean to stand up to life’s messy moments. I have never seen a bottle of detergent that you could see through. I really like that because I can see how much I have left, after using a few times. It’s always a good thing to know beforehand if you are running low on detergent.


Persil ProClean Detergent comes in three different forms; Power-Liquid, Power-Pearls and Power-Caps. The Power-Liquid contains a powerful combination of stain fighters that help break down those toughest stains. The Power-Pearls is loaded with Pro-White technology for those dazzling whites and can also be used for colors. The Power-Caps are pre-measured  capsules that combines a Pro-Life Stain Remover and a Brightness Formula for a premium clean. 


I gathered all of Greg’s white shirts that he wears under his dress shirts, any dirty socks that I could find and put them in the washer using the Power-Pearls first. They had that dingy look to them and  I really wanted to see how his shirts would turn out. After washing and running them through the dryer I can say his shirts and all of our socks really were much whiter.


I washed a load of color towels next because I wanted to see if the detergent could remove the build up and make the towels softer without me having to use anything else. I added one Persil ProClean Power-Caps and first I can say I love not having to measure the detergent, worry about spilling or it running down my bottle. I can take one throw in the bottom of my washer, add my towels and press start. I love the original scent and it stays with your clothes even after drying. I’ve tried many laundry detergents including liquid, powder, caps and none have come close to keeping the scent in the laundry, making my towels much softer, and my whites whiter without the use of bleach or any other detergent alternative. Persil ProClean is also very affordable and I found it to be much cheaper than my regular brands of detergent. 

Persil ProClean is only available in store only at Walmart. 

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