If you read this blog, you probably either have young kids or know someone who does. Historically, young children and sensitive technology have not been a favorable combination. Aside from those sticky fingers and drooly faces, they have a tendency to be less than gentle with pretty much anything. Even if you try your hardest not to let them touch your phone, either you have had one of them knock it out of your hand or you have suddenly dropped it in horror when you realized they got into the pantry and decided to ice skate in your extra virgin olive oil. This is why you need a protective case for your phone.


Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of partnering with Tech21 for a review of their Impact Band iPhone Case. Tech21 is a company based around protecting your technological devices. Whether you have a smartphone, an iPod, or a tablet, Tech21 has designed protective cases and screen protectors to meet your needs. This was the first brand to include shock-absorbing material in its cases. However, they also feel that protection should not come with bulk or hide the design of the device itself. This means their products are sleek and slim while still offering excellent protection.

tech21 impact band

The case I received for review is the Impact Band for iPhone 5 in Smokey. It is a very simple case which is part of its appeal. My husband absolutely hates a bulky phone case. He typically chooses the slimmest (and usually least protective) case possible. He recognizes the need for some kind of protective shield, but in the past has had to choose form (slim) over function (protection). The Impact Band was right up his alley, though. It has a thin band which surrounds the outside edges of the phone, leaving both the back and front completely accessible.

tech21 front

The band is lined with a shock absorbing D3O® impact material which dissipates the impact of a collision away from your phone. The Impact Band does have an optional clear back plate, which he thought was a pretty nice feature. You can have the rear protection if you want, but still see the actual phone itself.

tech21 back

Another important feature of a phone case is that it allows you to access all of the features of your phones. This means not only being able to push any buttons, but also allowing you to hear from your speakers and to have a properly sized cutout for the charging port. My husband and I have both experienced cases which have such a narrow cutout for charging that it is nearly impossible to plug the phone in while in the case. The Tech21 Impact Band offers both the ability to access all buttons and speakers and has a sufficiently sized space to plug in your phone!

tech21 cutouts

Not all was fine and dandy in his world at first. He originally was not certain if he liked the Impact Band. It is very flexible and he found that it sometimes pulled away from the phone at times. He found he was frequently pushing on the sides to get the band back in place. After some time though, he realized he was not having to do this much, if at all. This may be a “breaking in” period in which the band conforms to your phone. In any case, he is very pleased with it now and has replaced his previous case with this one.

As is to be expected, he has dropped his phone on several occasions. Once he was holding our daughter who knocked it right out of his hand onto the tile floor in our kitchen. That is never a moment you want to experience. However, rather than hearing a horrifying cracking sound, we just watched this Tech21 case bounce, and the phone landed safely. The phone itself didn’t have a scratch or break anywhere on it. The Impact Band itself is starting to show some scuffing around the edges and on the back plate, but that is to be expected. In fact, I am glad to see it. That means it has protected the phone from all of those potential damages!

This holiday season, give someone you love the gift of great phone protection. This is great for the technology buff, parents of young children, and tweens/teens who may be the roughest of all on their phones! Visit Tech21 to find a case for your device today!

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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