Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of reviewing a learning series from Teach My. Teach My is a company with products designed by a parent. Christy Cook, now the CEO of Teach My, became frustrated when trying to purchase learning activities for her son, finding that she had to buy a set for reading and a different set for math and yet another for other skills. She started by creating the “Teach My Toddler” kit which includes many of the necessary learning tools all in one package. When the toddler kit became a great success, she found there was also great demand for a baby kit and a preschool kit.


Since my daughter is 8 months old, we received the baby kit for review. This learning series is appropriate for children from 6-18 months old. One of the things I love about this kit is that it is completely contained within its own box which snaps closed and has a useful carrying handle. This means when you are ready to have a learning session with your child, there is no need to run around the house collecting a variety of materials because they will be ready for you in your case.

teach my baby case

The kit includes four sets of learning activities and a small direction book for how to utilize the kit. The sets are labeled on the outside of a transparent pouch with a Velcro closure. This keeps the materials both organized and easy to access when engaging a child with a very short attention span. The Teaching Guide is an instructional booklet on how to get started using the materials. It is very short and easy to glance at briefly before beginning a lesson. It is not confusing with long and complex instructions, but is clear, concise, and very simple to understand.

teach my baby materials

First Words- This kit contains a board book and twelve one-piece puzzles. All of the books in this learning series are very sturdy and well built. The First Words book has 12 common words (nouns) a child of this age will encounter in his or her daily life. What I appreciate about this book is that all of the pictures are photos of actual objects rather than drawings. Understanding that photos represent an object is already a difficult concept and then to use a drawing rather than an actual object makes the task even more abstract. The Teaching Guide further encourages you to refer to the child’s own objects to help bridge the gap between tangible items and the text and photos on the page.

teach my baby first words book

Each word in the book also has a corresponding one-piece puzzle. At first (if starting at 6 months), the child’s motor and cognitive skills will not be adequate to actually match and complete these puzzles. In the beginning, the parent models the use of the puzzle while providing a dialogue about the object and describing the action of matching the item and placing the puzzle together.

teach my baby words puzzle

At 8 months, this is still a challenging concept but repetition and exposure along with continued development will allow for progress in manipulation of the puzzle pieces as well as matching them. I think it is important for parents to remember that the kit spans a wide range of ages and that you should not be concerned if your child is not able to complete certain tasks in the beginning.

teach my baby words puzzle spoon

First Numbers- This kit contains a board book, five animal finger puppets, and a double sided story board. The board book introduces the numbers 1-5 and uses photographs of the same finger puppets as are included in the kit. The finger puppets are my daughter’s absolute favorite item in this entire Teach My Baby Learning Kit. She would play with them for the entire duration of the learning session (recommended to be about 20 minutes). The puppets are used by placing one on each finger as you count up to five.

teach my baby number puppet

They are amazing at keeping her attention on the activities. The other component of this kit is the storyboard. One side shows numbers with animal bodies next to them. The heads of the puppets can be pushed through to complete each animal. On the other size is a drawing of a zoo where the animals can be used in a more creative setting for story telling.

teach my baby number storyboard

Self- This kit teaches awareness of the body through use of a board book, six double sided flash cards with mirrors, and six nesting blocks which also each have a mirror. The book contains photographs of six facial body parts, a whole face, and a mirror on the final page. I love that each of the components of this set includes a mirror. This allows the child to see his/her own body parts as you point to and talk about them together. The flash cards show a close up of each body part with the text labeling it on one side and a mirror and, “Let’s look at your ____ (hair, teeth, etc.)!” on the other.

teach my baby self flashcard

teach my baby self mirror

The final items in this set are the nesting blocks. These not only reinforce the body parts but also encourage discussion of size (large and small), and prepositions (on, under, behind, etc.). In addition, your child will work on motor skills when manipulating and stacking the blocks. Again, each block has a mirror on one side to allow the child to begin recognizing his/her own face and body.

teach my baby self blocks

Sounds & Touch- The last set in this series is one that my daughter finds very entertaining. It includes a board book, six two-piece puzzles, and six touch and feel flash cards. The book shows photographs of six animals with a speech bubble with text labeling what sound that animal makes. The two-piece puzzles are those same animals cut so that they make two puzzle pieces.

teach my baby sound touch puzzle

Finally, there are the touch and feel flashcards which are another big hit with my little girl. Each flashcard has a picture of an animal along with an adjective to describe it (bumpy frog, fluffy cat). There is a circular cut out on the body of the animal where a textured material is placed so that your child can feel the different surfaces.

teach my baby sound touch dog

On the back of each card are prompts to help the parent interact with the child and the card.

teach my baby sound touch card

Overall I find this to be an excellent kit. It is well organized, has simple to follow directions for use, is engaging for both parents and children, and provides a challenging learning experience for a wide range of ages. The only minor fault I found with the learning kit was that the plastic pouches that contain each set began to come apart at the seams after only the first use. These were not items that my daughter had handled, and I felt I had been fairly careful with using them. I do not think that they will hold up to daily operation for another 10 months of use. Aside from these pouches, I found the rest of the materials to be sturdy and durable, especially the board books. I would highly recommend these learning kits to parents who are interested in providing a structured learning session each day. The Teach My kits would make an excellent gift for both new and experienced parents alike. These would also be great to give to grandparents who babysit often and want to provide an enriched experience. To purchase a Teach My Learning Kit today, visit Teach My here.

teach my baby learning kit

For research on learning, development, games and more activities, visit the Teach My Blog and social media sites.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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