Tailor Made Whiteboards makes high-quality, customizable and changeable dry-erase boards to fit into the design of your house. They have everything from functional to elegant. The offer Chore Boards, Activity Planners, and Menu Planners. Tailor Made Whiteboards are built and designed in the USA and will last many years and is similar in design to a framed piece of artwork. Tailor Made Whiteboards are a stain-free dry erase board and they guarantee they will not stain or discolor. The boards are made with a nonporous surface that does not allow the marker to penetrate.


Simply Southern Couponers has had the chance to work with Tailor Made Whiteboards and I was ecstatic. I was able to pick a Custom Dry Erase Board from their site and they have so much to pick one it took me forever to decide what I wanted. I ended up picking the Herringbone Activity Planner in Black so that I can keep up with expenses and appointments as well as activities with Aubreigh and school.  The entire frame is customizable. You can pick from changeable frame or fixed frame; frame color; tray. I ended up picking the fixed black frame with a 24 inch tray. My husband enjoyed this too, he had a blast putting it up. The directions were very easy to follow and the frame is very easy to mount. The boards come with everything you need to hang it up except the drill. The screws fit into Keyhole slots in the back of the board which makes it extremely sturdy. The Whiteboard is a very strong board and a very elegant design. The frame is a very shiny black. I hung it up in the little space were my kitchen meets my bathroom. My bills are hanging all over my fridge with magnets so we can keep up with the dates, but now they are all on our new Tailor Made Whiteboard. As you can see I used Crayola Washable Markers to write on my whiteboard. They are a nonporus surface so they will not stain. They also claimed you could write on the with a permanent marker and it would come off, so I tried it, let it sit on there over night and sure enough this morning it came right off! There are hundreds of possible combinations you could make with all the boards they offer.


 I love my new white board, the one I got retails for $102.90 but considering it will last me a really long time it is well worth it. A regular plain white board cost upward to $30 and after a few uses it starts staining. I recommend everyone invest in a Whiteboard from Tailor Made Whiteboards! To purchase your own, visit them here.

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