Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Swanling to review the Slumber Sheet. From babies moving in their sleep to the concerns regarding SIDS, night time can be a very anxious time for both new and experienced parents. The Slumber Sheet is a parent designed product to solve the challenge of safe baby sleeping. Over time, the product has evolved to become what it is today: a 3-in-one safe sleep solution.

The 3-in-one structure of the Slumber Sheet

Secure positioning fitted sheet- This sheet is the most tightly fitting and secure sheet I have seen for a crib mattress. Unlike many child sheets, it does not only have an inch or two that tucks under the mattress. It has a wide elastic band which accomplishes two things: it keeps the sheet from coming untucked at the sides or corners and keeps the top surface of the sheet pulled tightly so that it does not bunch or fold. 

Slumber Sheet mattress

Mattress protector- The sheet has a built in waterproof PUL layer. This saves you from needing an additional layer between your child and the mattress in case of those inevitable night time accidents.

Slumber Sheet waterproof

Sleeping sack- The built in sleep sack is the most unique part of the Slumber Sheet. The top portion is similarly designed to a sleeveless sleep sack while the bottom portion becomes a sheet which is secured on all sides.

Slumber Sheet sleep sack

Who should use a Slumber Sheet?

The Slumber Sheet is designed for babies and children from 3 months to 3 years old. At 7 months, my daughter easily fit into the sleeping sack with plenty of room to grow. There is a zipper that begins under the child’s chin and can unzip quite far to make getting in and out a fairly simple process. This long zipper will also be essential as your child grows and needs more room to get into the sleep sack portion. At the top where the zipper comes under the child’s chin, there is a fabric fold-over that snaps with two fasteners. This is very secure and would be quite difficult for little fingers to unfasten. I like this fold-over because it protects the sensitive skin from rubbing against the zipper pull. In older children, it will help prevent them from unzipping themselves.

Children who have been swaddled may find this to be a great transition to sleeping without a swaddle. The child will still feel snug and secure but with more freedom of movement available. Of course, if that freedom is too much, there is an option to purchase a Slumber Swaddle which can be used in conjunction with the Slumber Sheet.

Why should I use a Slumber Sheet?

Many parents are concerned about SIDS and find themselves frequently checking on their children through the night to make sure the babies have not managed to get their bodies into an unsafe position. Even very young children can wiggle around a crib and parents are startled when they find their babies with legs or arms sticking out between the slats, scrunched at the top or bottom of the crib, or even rolled onto their bellies. As children get older, climbing out of the crib becomes a very legitimate concern. To help these mobile babies stay safe while sleeping, the sleep sack portion of the Slumber Sheet secures the child in the center of the bed. While the child can move his or her arms and legs freely (the legs are not restricted under the sheet. It is very stretchy and roomy to allow for plenty of movement), it is not possible for the child to roll over, wiggle to the side, or climb out of the crib. With a very active little girl, we were able to put this sheet through a barrage of tests.

Test 1: Can you roll over? Although she was able to turn her head to the side to view an enticing object, she was not able to roll over or scoot over in any fashion to be able to reach her hand through the slats to retrieve it.

Slumber Sheet roll

Test 2: Can you stand or attempt to get out of the crib? Although very motivated, she is unable to come to a standing or even a kneeling position. She is able to put her hands on the side of the crib, but is not able to pull herself up at all. No accidental falls will happen with the Slumber Sheet!

Slumber Sheet stand

Test 3: Can you move around enough to get comfortable? There is plenty of room for leg movement within the sheet portion. The sheet itself is also quite stretchy, preventing a child from feeling too restricted.

Test 4: Can you get calm and relax in the Slumber Sheet? This was a new experience for my daughter so she was far more awake and excited than she would typically be at nap time. I did want to give her the opportunity to try to calm down to see what would happen. Once she found the Swanling Silkie tag, she was so content just to lay there and play with it for quite a while. She became calm, and while she did not fall asleep, was able to lay in a relaxed position.

Slumber Sheet silkie

In addition to the silkie tag, there are other attachments you can purchase that fasten on to the waist snaps. These include the Slumber Swaddle, the Slumber Silkie, and the Slumber Swan. Snaps prevent the items from moving and obstructing the child’s airway or from being tossed on the floor in the middle of the night.

Slumber Sheet snaps

A few disadvantages of this sleep solution

Diaper changes- Unlike many sleep sacks, this zips from top to bottom and does not have a bottom up zipper. Because of this, the child needs to be completely unzipped for diaper changes. Also, because the child is inside the crib, it may be difficult to change a diaper there while leaning over the crib rail. If you choose to move the child to a changing table or other alternate location for a diaper change, the child must be completely removed from the Slumber Sheet.

Accidents- While the mattress will be protected because of the layer of waterproof PUL, an accident will require the entire sheet set to be changed. Unless you have two Slumber Sheets, this means your child will have to sleep on a standard sheet for the duration of the night. Also, while the wide elastic band is great for keeping the sheet secured in place, it also means it is going to be more difficult to remove in the middle of the night.

Potty training- While the sheet can be used up to three years of age, if you are night time potty training, you will want to discontinue using the sheet so that your child can independently get out of bed to do what needs to be done!

Final thoughts

If you are the parent of an adventurous sleeper or a child who craves security, you will find the Slumber sheet has a lot of great solutions. It will ease your mind about SIDS, provide covers without loose blankets in the bed, and ensure your child is right where you left him or her in the morning (or in two hours)!

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