Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with a company called SushiQuik.
SushiQuik is an online community where you can learn, share and have fun making sushi. Greg and I are both big fans of sushi, but only ever get to enjoy it when the kids are away at their grandparents for the night which is very rarely. So the thought of being able to prepare and enjoy sushi in the comfort of your own home is great.


We received SushiQuik’s Starter Kit that included a sushi training mat, non stick paddle and roll cutter. I went to our local Kroger and bought our ingredients that included imitation crab meat, cream cheese, avacado, sushi rice, rice vinegar, Nori sheets, sesame seed and wasibi to prepare the California Roll. I wanted to start with an easy roll since this would be the first time that I make it.


Here are the steps when making sushi:

1. Prepare Sushi Rice as instructed on the bag.
2. While the rice is cooking go ahead and prepare your crab, avocado, cream cheese and sit to the side.
3. I placed a piece of Nori sheet shiny side down on SushiQuik’s training mat and clicked into place.
4. Then add a little rice onto the Nori sheet, spreading with SushiQuik’s non stick paddle over the top portion. When rice is spread evenly sprinkle sesame seed over the rice.
5. Flip the rice/Nori sheet over and add the ingredients to the roll.
6. I took SushiQuiks’s sushi roller (mat) and began to tuck and roll until I got to the very end of the roll. With my fingers I began to squeeze tightly to ensure the roll was tight. At the end add water to the very tip for closing.
7. Place SushiQuik’s roll cutter over the top of the roll and begin slicing the roll.
8. Arrange sushi rolls on a plate or platter.
9. Add your sides (Wasabi, Ginger, Soy Sauce etc.) to the sushi cups provided.
-When adding the rice it is a great idea to have a bowl of water close to dip your fingers in.
– Leave about an inch from the bottom with no rice so that you can close the roll.
– Must use a very sharp knife when slicing the roll.


Greg and I really enjoyed our first California Roll and will be making many more Sushi rolls in the future. It was almost like the restaurants only better because we made them in our own kitchen. Just takes more practice. Also, I will be adding more of the ingredients to the inside. I can’t wait to make our next sushi dinner. Check out more sushi recipes here

If you love sushi and want to try making it at home visit SushiQuik’s Website here purchase their Starter Kit. They do offer three different choices to choose from.

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How would you like to get started making Sushi in your home? Head over to Amazon and place your order today for your SushiQuick Starter Kit. 


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