Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with TOMY to review Super Pop-Up Pirate. TOMY offers a large array of toys and nursery products that families across the world can’t get enough of. ‘The TOMY mission is to make the world smile.


Super Pop-Up Pirate is an action packed game of luck. Beware of where you place your sword for you do not want to make the Pirate POP! This exciting game has players carefully placing their color swords into the slots on the barrel hoping not to trigger the Pirate. Think you remember which slot popped the Pirate think again. The barrel resets after each time the Pirate flies.


How To Play The Game*:

1. Push the Pirate down into the barrel until he locks into place

2. Each player selects their color sword. (4 colors)

3. Take turns sliding the swords into the slots on the side of the barrel.

4. Players Beware! Slide your sword into the wrong slot and up pops the pirate which means your out. Which slot is the wrong one?

You won’t know; it’s different every time.

5. The remaining players take out their swords, reset the pirate and play again.

6. The winner is the last player left.

Super Pop-Up`Pirate is recommended for 4 years of age and older. You can playing this game with 2 to 4 players.


Life of a Southern Mom had the chance to try out Super Pop-Up Pirate. Super Pop-Up Pirate is a fun, suspenseful game that will make you think the pirate is about the POP!  You secretly hope that your opponents select the wrong slot, so you don’t trigger the pirate to pop. Once the wrong slot is chosen that pops and sails through the air. Are you easily startled? You may want to watch out for the popping pirate might make you pop up too. This game is fun for the whole family. My son is absolutely in LOVE with this game! I highly recommend you check out Super Pop-Up Pirate! Super Pop-Up Pirate is retails for $24.99. (A steal!) Don’t forget to use your Amazon Prime!

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