Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the chance to work with SunRidge Farms to review their products. SunRidge Farms has been a family owned and operated business for 30 years and has been producing high quality foods that reflect their commitment to a healthy lifestyle since the very beginning. Their commitment to a healthier lifestyle even extends to the environment, the supply chain and to their community. As one of the industry leaders in bulk foods, they’ve led the way in demonstrating the value to both the retailer and the consumer of purchasing foods in bulk including better costs and less waste!


I was sent All Natural Hatch Green Chile Fiesta Mix, All Natural Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts, and All Natural Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios for review.

Batch roasted cashews seasoned with fire roasted Hatch Green Chiles and Spices make up SunRidge Farms All Natural Chile Fiesta Mix. The Chiles are harvested from the Hatch Valley along the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico, the Chile captial of the world. Packed with 5g of protein, this delightful Fiesta Mix is Non-GMO, lacks any Hydrogenated Oils, has 0g trans fat and is preservative free!

The All Natural Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts are made with 61% dark cacao and is melted and poured over rich, creamy hazelnuts to create SunRidge Valley’s decadent, magnesium packed snack. There’s nothing artificial about this rich snack and if you’re looking to boost your Magnesium and Copper intake then this is the snack for you. I really enjoyed these delicious dark chocolate hazelnut balls. 

(insert info on All Natural Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios  are flavored with sea salt and pepper and is non-GMO. These are cholesterol free and make the perfect little snack packed with protein. These overall were my husbands favorites as he loves anything with salt and pepper.

These will make entertaining during the holidays or ringing in the New Years good for everyone. 

You can connect with SunRidge on Facebook to make sure you never miss an update!

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