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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Sudsy Box to review one of their August subscription boxes. Each Sudsy Box contains three bars of artisan soap made by Heidi’s Artisan Soap and one additional gift or sample. Subscriptions cost $20 per box, or you can save by purchasing 6 month or yearly subscriptions. It is also possible to purchase individual bars of soap directly from Heidi’s Artisan Soap.

After receiving a set of Heidi’s Artisan Soaps in a previous Sudsy Box, I was able to try them out over a longer period of time. I found that one of the best features of these artisan soaps is the interesting conversations they will spark with your guests. Not only are they distinctively fragrant, they also have a variety of appearances to draw the eye. Not to mention, the box comes with a paper containing a little blurb about each soap, so you will be well informed to respond to any queries or comments made by your guests. Think of these soaps as coffee table pieces for your sinks: artistic, interesting, and great talking points.

Each Sudsy Box has a special theme around which all of the soaps are designed. The theme for the month of August is “Soaps from Around the World” which naturally made me think of all the traveling people do during the summer. August is typically when everyone has to return back home from their vacations to return to the tedium of work and school. This Sudsy Box allows you to continue the feeling of traveling by bringing some international sensations to your door.

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The Takesumi Bar is designed to reflect a Japanese influence. Although I have never been to Japan, I know that the Bamboo Charcoal, for which this soap is named, is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different uses. My favorite use for this renewable resource is for its antimicrobial properties in cloth diapers. However, it makes perfect sense as the influence for a soap as well! I love the deep black color of this soap which really stands out on our lightly colored countertop in the guest bathroom. This is an ideal place for company to have the opportunity to be shocked by our black soap. We will never be at a loss for conversation topics with this particular soap on hand!

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In sharp contrast to the Takesumi Bar is the German inspired Soleseife Spa Bar. This soap is as starkly white as the Takesumi is black. Where the Japanese bar is bold and daring, the Soleseife is calm and soothing. As I was informed by the paper, European spas use this soap recipe which is why it conjures up such serene impressions. While I found the black Takesumi Bar to be a wonderful soap in the guest bathroom, this bar is one I want to keep to myself. As it is white (a typical soap color), it won’t have that “wow factor” for our guests. For me, the “wow factor” is not so much in the appearance of this soap, but in the feel and fragrance of it. While I’m sure our guests would appreciate the eucalyptus and spearmint scents, I want this soap to be enjoyed by someone who will also enjoy it for the texture and overall experience, namely, me.

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The final soap in this international series hails from France: Tranquility. Appearing as purple in color, this soap is visually very stunning. As purple is my favorite color, I am really torn as to whether I like this bar or the Takesumi’s black better. Fortunately, I have both of them and don’t have to pick favorites. Added to the beautiful color, there are actual pieces of lavender flecking the exterior of the bar. This is a great reminder that every one of these soaps is all natural and while their inspirations are international, all of Heidi’s Artisan Soaps are made in the USA. But back to the Tranquility soap! This has such a soft but powerful fragrance that it can overpower even some of the strongest scents. I had cooked barbeque chicken in the crock pot for eight hours one day. This left the kitchen with a very potent odor of barbeque sauce. While not unpleasant, after the meal is over, you don’t really want to continue to smell it later that night or even the next morning for breakfast. Fortunately, I had set this Tranquility bar in the kitchen after dinner. The fragrance of this soap was such that when I passed through the kitchen a few hours after dinner, all I smelled was the calming scent of lavender and none of the barbeque from earlier in the day!

Sudsy Box Tranquility

The final item in this month’s box was a sample of hand sanitizer. I am actually really into hand sanitizers and may actually have a bit of an addiction problem. From being an elementary teacher to a stay at home mom, I have always had multiple uses for hand sanitizer, multiple times a day. So you can understand how exciting this sample was for me to receive. What I love about this particular hand sanitizer is that it is all natural. Most hand sanitizers contain alcohol to kill the germs. This can leave your hands very, very dry. When using all natural ingredients to serve the same purpose, your hands will still feel clean and smell fragrant, but will not suffer that dried out feeling notorious of many hand sanitizers.

I think everyone should try at least one Sudsy Box. It is a fun, yet practical, subscription box. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a connoisseur of fine artisan soaps, I would suggest trying it at least once. You might find you are surprised by how the different soaps grow on you! Treat yourself to a little box of luxury by visiting Sudsy Box here. You can also find these soaps and more from Heidi’s Artisan Soap.

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