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Strider Sports International, Inc. was founded in 2007 , with a company packed full of passionate riders of street, road, dirt and mountain bikes. They created a no-pedal balance bike to help encourage young riders to ride, learn balance while exploring their new grounds.


I received the ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike. This ST-4 was designed to get your toddler ready to ride through the grass, pavement and dirt without being scared. Upon the arrival of my package I took it out of my car and told Greg I needed him to put this together for Eli. He pulled everything out of the box only to figure out he didn’t need any tools. Now, that is the kind of toys we both love putting together. It came with everything you needed to put together in less than ten minutes given time to adjust the seat and handle bars. All three boys got super excited and all wanted a turn to ride this “super cool” bike as they referred to it as. After Greg got it assembled, we adjusted the seat and handle bars to his liking and appropriate height. Then he was ready to ride. At first he couldn’t figure out how to put his feet up so Andrew got on to show him how to rest his feet on the back feet rest.

The ST-4 Pedal Balance Bike is very sturdy and is light weight only weight 6.5 pounds. Very easy for all three boys to pick up, move and control while using. There are several neat features the the ST-4 is equipped with:

1. The Motocross Style Handlebar with Pad. It’s perfect for toddlers sized hands and grips easily.

2. The EVA Polymer tire requires no air in the tire or maintenance.

3. A Powder Coat Finish paint that last longer and is a more durable finish.

4. Black electrodeposited paint on the ST-4 seat post that adds scratch resistance. The quick release clamps has a finish with black anodization to enhance a sleek look and design.
5. The bike is equipped with Launchpad Footrests that are integrated into the frame that the child can rest feet on when learning to balance or while cruising. As the child becomes more advanced when riding they often will use and never have to sit down.


The Strider No-Pedal Balance St-4 bike helps the child with balance, coordination and confidence.
I love the concept of Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike because having a toddler learning to ride a bike for the first time or hundredth time can seem intimidating to them. When learning how to ride a bike they have to concentrate on learning how to steer, pedal and that can be frustrating to some. With Strider Balance Bike there are no pedals, chains or cables to worry about. It helps the child focus more on steering and balance before leaping into pedaling.
When Eli first got on the Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike, he didn’t know what to do. He has a bike with training wheels that we purchased at the beginning of summer for him to learn how to ride on. He has the pedals down and steering but balance can be an issue for him because he gets caught up in focusing on pedaling and steering. With the Strider Balance Bike he can focus more on balance that will initially help him when its time to take off the training wheels. I am glad I found this bike for him to ride on and get more comfortable with his balance.

To see more about Strider Balance Bikes visit their Website here.
This is a perfect bike for any child between 18 month to 5 years to have. Christmas is less than seven weeks away start your Christmas shopping early by purchasing one of these Strider Balance Bikes for your child.

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