A Strange Brand Of Happy


Who doesn’t love a good movie and a great laugh while relaxing. In A Strange Brand Of Happy the movie starts off with a bachelor who loses his job and finds himself in a situation of chasing the same girl as his ex-boss. The bachelor’s name is David, and he is pushed by his roommate to hire a life coach named Joyce. David finds his life coach to be pretty and so this aids him in pursuing whatever she states for him to do. When Joyce invites David to be part of the volunteer group at a retirement community, he finds out that his ex-boss is also part of the group and has a crush on Joyce too.

An old man at the retirement community thinks that the two men should fight for the affection of Joyce. David decides that he will do an open mic night that Joyce holds for people to ponder God’s existence. It is at this open mic night that a man states things that make David really think and move farther down the road of finding himself. The problem with moving on is the competition that he has now found himself in with William. When everything becomes too competitive, David has to make decisions that will lead him down his true path of discovery.

This is a faith-friendly romantic comedy starring Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James and Academy Award winner Shirley Jones. If you are looking for a great family movie than A Strange Brand of Happy is just for you. Watch the Trailer below. 

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