Having kids it’s almost impossible to get them to do what you ask of them without begging them or trying to set limits of how long they can do something or make them do their homework for so long. This is where Stoplight Golight comes in. Stoplight Golight helps both parents and kids manage their time. Kids as young as 2 can benefit from this. Stoplight Golight was developed by sisters, who just happen to be moms who decided they didn’t want their kids waking up at the crack of dawn so they realized they needed to make an indicator that even young kids could understand. It really came into place when one of their 2 year old said Red means Stop and Green Means Go. 

Stoplight Golight

I couldn’t wait to receive my Stoplight Golight Timer in the mail. I have such a hard time trying to get Kaylee to brush her teeth for 2 minutes. I have a tooth timer but that ends up scaring her. I have a tough time with Aubreigh, when she gets on the computer to play games she doesn’t want to get off and puts up a fight every time I ask her to get off. Bed time has to be the worse. They get 30 minutes of TV at night, and in Kaylee’s little mind she doesn’t really understand the concept of time so she gets really upset. The Stoplight Golight Timer has solved all of my problems. Kaylee and I make a game when we are brushing are teeth now to see who can brush their teeth the fastest until the green light comes on and she just gets so tickled when she sees the green light and is the winner. Aubreigh knows she can play games while the red light is on, she must “stop at the computer” but when the green light comes on she knows she must “go play”. Since using the timer at night for their tv time before bed, they have actually started falling asleep before their 30 minutes is up because that is what they have started getting used to. The timer comes with an ac adapter so it can work plugged in or you can put batteries in it. The timer can be set from 0 to 15 hours and 0 to 59 minutes and also has an optional alarm. The Stoplight Golight Timer sells for $29.95 which in my opinion is a great price for a really cool timer! Kids from the age of 2 to tweens will love the Stoplight Golight Timer! 


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