Since becoming a mom to not one child but three, buying stuff for yourself seems to stay on the back burner or at least in my world. I always seem to buy for the kids even when I have an opportunity to buy something for “me”. I used to love clothes shopping up until I had kids and now it is my least favorite thing to do. I struggle in the whole clothing department from bras, undies, to pants, I just cant seem to find anything that fits comfortably. When I go shopping I not only get stressed at not being able to find anything that fits but a little on the depressed side.

 Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review a monthly subscription box from SplendiesWhen I came across this online site called Splendies I was very curious as to how it works. Splendies is a online company that specializes in monthly boxes for women packed with three pair of undies. Instead of going to the store and stressing over trying on an unlimited amount of undies I can order online in the comfort of my home sitting in my pj’s. This monthly subscription box comes with three different types of undies like briefs, boyshorts, thongs, cotton or lace in a variety of styles and colors. Each month is a surprise as you do not know which you are getting you just know they are name brand, quality underwear delivered right to your door each month for as long as you want for one low monthly price. 

undies 1 undies 2 undies 3

I received three pair of underwear from Splendies and I thought to myself I would never wear underwear like these again since I have had kids. Well guess what I tried them on and they are very comfortable. Not like most undies that either ride up and don’t stay in place, to tight, to loose, or just plain uncomfortable to wear. With Splendies I love not having to go to the store and stress myself out with trying on items. I just sit down at my computer and shop while sitting in my pj’s. 

Get started using Splendies today. Simply head over to their Website here and join. Joining is very easy just pick your size and your on your way to receiving your first subscription box. Here are two Promo codes you can use at checkout:
1) Save $4 off your first package of Splendies using coupon code “SOUTHERN.” That’s 3 pairs of undies for $8.
2) Save $5 off your first package of Volupties using coupon code “SOUTHERN.” That’s 3 pairs of undies for $12.

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