sparkup2Life of a Southern Mom was recently giving this amazing opportunity to review Sparkup’s The Magicial Book Reader. Sparkup is a private company based in Israel, that is managed by young parents who understand challenges that young children experience during reading and playtime. The Sparkup Magicial Book Reader encourages children to read independently and with family members. 


The Sparkup Magicial Book Reader is a product I have never seen or heard of before that I thought was very interesting as I have three young children who are either learning to read or I am encouraging to start learning how to read. This book reader is a device that clips onto any picture book and automatically reads aloud to the child. You can also record your own voice and it will read to your child. The way it works is Sparkup book reader is equipped with a tiny camera that captures the picture of the book’s front cover and each page. As your child turns the page Sparkup reads aloud each word at the child’s pace. Even if you turn the wrong page Sparkup Reader will read the correct words on that page. Sparkup Reader can store up to 50 different stories for your young readers and can also be read and recorded in any language. It also gives you the option to connect your Sparkup Reader to any computer using the USB cable that is included to download more stories or send your recorded stories to anyone on your computer.

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Our Sparkup Book Reader came with one Sparkup Reader, one USB cable, a demo book, user guide and two books; Shrek and Tikki Tikki Tembo. I could not wait to start using our new Sparkup Reader, especially for Eli who loves books but isn’t able to read just yet. We love how we have the option of having a pre-recorded voice read aloud to us or we can record the story and he can continuously listen over and over. Andrew is in the first grade so he is learning to read and loves to read aloud to his brothers. Sparkup Book Reader can read any book that has pictures which the boys enjoy because they love to look at the pictures in books while reading. As a parent, I am super excited to have a product like this for my kids because everything now a days seems to be done electronically through cell phones, tablets, kindles, computers or iPads that I think children have to be more depended on electronics rather than actually reading a hands on book. This is perfect for parents to record themselves reading and the child listens to the story and they hear their parents voice. If a parent is away on a trip or vacation this is a perfect soother for the child to be able to listen to their parent read to them while they’re away, or even if the child is learning to read they can record themselves and listen to the playback. This is a great product for any family to have so their child can enjoy the magical voices through Sparkup while reading. 

Do you have a child who is learning to read or an experienced reader? If so, there is no age limit with Sparkup Magicial Book Reader and can be read and enjoyed by anyone. To learn more about Sparkup’s Magical Book Reader head over to their website here. Check out their other books that can be purchased here

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I received one or more products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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