Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of teaming with Sparkly Soul on a review of their sports and fitness headbands. This is a product which was created by a marathon runner and triathlete. Who better to create a product for women which will help keep you comfortable and feeling confident while you work out? Sparkly Soul believes in helping women find strength and soul while continuing to reach their athletic goals.


Ever since having a baby, I haven’t prioritized fitness as much as I did before. Before and during my pregnancy, I went on daily walks, ran, hiked, and attended yoga classes regularly. Although health and fitness are still very important to me, there are many more obstacles to overcome just to take a simple walk. On the other hand, I am also experiencing many new forms of exercise that I did not know existed prior to having a baby. Squats to clean pureed broccoli off the floor, bicep curls to lift the stroller into the car, running to grab something out of the baby’s hand before she puts it in her mouth, and hiking around the house with a 20 pound, wiggling baby strapped to me. So, whether you are an avid athlete or a mom who is racing around like one, you probably need a way to contain your hair to keep it from being a nuisance.

My go to hairstyle for every day use is a pony tail. It is great for keeping most of my hair out of baby’s reach and out of my face… except when it doesn’t. By time breakfast is over and certainly by time the morning nap is over, I already have flyaway whispies brushing my face. Not only is this irritating, but it is also far to tempting for my little girl to grab a handful and start pulling.

flyaway hair

Getting tired of hair in your face? Me too!

I had used plastic headbands and elastic headbands before but both had downsides. After an hour, the plastic headbands became very uncomfortable behind my ears. The elastic ones didn’t give me a headache but they did slide off very easily. Enter the Sparkly Soul headbands! They are elastic, so they do not give you a headache, yet they have a soft backing material which prevents them from sliding off easily. Plus, they are sparkly! They are very cute and functional.

sparkly soul material

I used one during yoga to see if it could handle the different positions. It did very well! It never slipped off. In fact, it never moved at all. Whether laying down or in downward facing dog, the Sparkly Soul headband held everything in place. After a while, I almost forgot I was wearing it. I even received a compliment on my sparkles!

Sparkly Soul has two headband width options: thin and wide. Both have all the same features, but the width will depend on personal preference.

sparkly soul thin wide

After using them both, I determined that I prefer the thin band for working out. It’s small and compact to toss in a bag and stays out of the way. The wide one I like for every day use or even for evening wear. Let your hair down and put in a Sparkly Soul headband and you’ve got a pretty elegant look! They have so many color choices, you are sure to find one to match your workout gear! To pick up your own Sparkly Soul headbands, visit their website here.

For more great fitness information and motivation, stay in touch on Sparkly Soul’s social media!

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sparkly soul headband pink

Life of a Southern Mom received the above products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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