If you love getting outdoors when the weather is warm with your kiddos, I have some products that will make it even that much more fun. Kids need to be busy and their creativity needs to be sparked. Both of these things can be accomplished with Rose Art chalk paint. It’s the best of both worlds with combining paint and chalk! This will make outside activities with children 3 and up a blast.roseart6

All that you can create is endless! For some ideas of what to try check out the featured games below! The RoseArt Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes with a stir stick and two foam brushes.

All you have to do to use is to mix the chalk powder with water in the pre-made bucket.roseart5

Create an outline design with small foam brushes and fill in the color using the rollers if your pack has them. The two pack doesn’t come with rollers, but the foam brushes work too!

As you create your masterpiece, the colors will start to pop as they dry. Your kids will be amazed as this happens because it’s like magic. The boys couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was to use RoseArt’s sidewalk chalk paint. roseart7

If you don’t end up using all the paint that you mix up, you can store it for an indefinite amount of time and use it later. Although this paint is non-toxic make sure that you put everything away when you are finished where it is out of reach of small children.

The cleanup you ask? It was easy and simple. The foam brushes were able to be ran under the water and squeezed until they were clean. If your sidewalk art has met its time, the cleanup for that is simple too. All you have to do is spray down the sidewalk!


Try this simple take on the classic game of X’s and O’s!

  • Use RoseArt Paint Markers to draw multiple tic-tac-toe boards (about 2 feet by 2 feet) on level pavement. Make sure to allow time for the paint to dry before starting your game.
  • Players designate a “throw” line and take turns trying to toss a stone into a square. If the stone lands in a square without touching any of the sides, that player gets to draw an “X” or “O” in that square.
  • If the player’s stone touches one of the sides of a square, the player doesn’t get to claim that square and it becomes the next player’s turn. Play continues until someone has three X’s or O’s in a row.
  • To create more of a challenge or to add more fun, move the “throw” line further away from the board, or draw several game boards with progressively smaller boxes.
  • After each game is over, erase the markings with a rag and some water (don’t touch the outlines of the boxes) and continue playing on a fresh board while it dries.

Balloon Toss Bullseyeroseart2

Get ready for some super soaked fun with this water balloon-tossing game!

  • Use RoseArt Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint or RoseArt Shake ‘N’ Rollers to draw a bulls eye on the sidewalk labeling the different rings with different point values. Make sure to allow time for the paint to dry before starting your game.
  • Next, draw a tossing line where players have to stand to toss their balloons. If the players are different ages, you may want to draw two different lines.
  • Players take turns tossing their water balloons into the ring. Keep track of everyone’s score right on the driveway with chalk. Pick a magic number and the first one to hit that score wins!

RoseArt is encouraging kids across the country to take advantage of the warmer weather and express themselves through art. They are donating $50,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Since the kids are out for summer break get the outside to create wonderful art using RoseArt’s products. Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes in a 2pk and is available Walmart for $3.99m the RoseArt Shake ‘N” Roll Chalk Paint Rollers comes in a 3pk of red, teal and orange for just $4.97 and the Jumbo Paint Makers comes in a pack of 4, blue, green, yellow and red for just $4.97.  Visit your local  Walmart or Target and pick up these RoseArt products so they can take their creativity to a whole new level. Learn more about RoseArt by visiting their website

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