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Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with a company called Soundflow. Soundflow is a VOXX International Product. VOXX was founded in 1965 by John Shalam who is the Chairman who has grown his company from a small stereo company to a major retailer for cellular phones to a consumer in electronic companies to a synergistic in businesses.

I received one of VOXX’s new product called Soundboard Portable Speaker with Soundflow wireless audio or better known as Soundflow Soundboard with a woodgrain top, chrome trim and solid black bottom. Soundflow Soundboard is exactly what its called. Its like a docking station for cellphones but has no wires, no connection needed. It simply runs off batteries. You are probably wondering how it works. Of course I was to when I first received it. It simple; you just place your smartphone on top of the Soundflow Soundboard hit the play button and enjoy the sound of music or if using while on a call and need to use the speaker phone well Soundflow Soundboard can do that as well. I know with my smartphone when I put it on speakerphone so I can multitask the volume is turned all the way up and I still can barely hear the person on the other end. I can even take Soundflow Soundboard where ever I go even in the car while I am driving and can’t hold the phone while trying to pay attention to the road I can easily lay my phone on top of the soundboard and hear the person very well.


Here is a little more in-dept details about Soundflow Soundboard:

*It is compatible with any smartphone, iPhone, iPod and Android devices.
*No internet, Wi-Fi connection needed
* Requires 3 AA batteries, not included
* LED Power Indicator
* Easy Volume Controls
* Has a built in passive radiator to enhance the bass effects.

View the short video below to see how Soundflow Soundboard works: 

This is such a neat gadget to have because you can enjoy music on your phone even more with Soundflow Soundboard. It sounds just like a stereo and has great sound quality. 

Can’t wait for the giveaway, But It Here. To see more about Soundflow Soundboard visit their Website here.

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