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SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems. Their brands are sold in over 55,000 retail stores in 43 countries including Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Khol’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears and many others. The SodaStream Home Soda Maker enables consumers to carbonate water and to flavor carbonated beverages at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans. Not only does the SodaStream systems save you money but are eco-friendly by reducing the number of cans and bottles from going to the landfills each year.   


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review an item from SodaStream. I received SodaStream’s Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit (RV $120) that is slim in design and matches perfectly in my kitchen. With the ultra slimness it fits perfectly on my counter helping to save counter space. It included a Genesis Home Soda Maker in black, 1-60 liter Carbonator, 2 BPA-free reusable Carbonating Bottles, 3 SodaMix bottles, SodaMix Variety 12 pack, plus many different syrups such as Kool Aid Tropical Punch, Country Time Half & Half, Crystal Light Fruit Punch, Cola Naturally Sweetened, Ginger Ale Sparkling, Sparkling Naturals Black Currant Pear, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Diet Lemon Lime, Cola Free (compared to Coke Zero), Root Beer and Cranberry Raspberry. 

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SodaStream’s Genesis Home Soda Maker is very easy to use and can be done in just four easy steps:


Step 1- Fill your carbonating bottle with water and attach bottle to your drink maker.
The bottle screws onto the machine very easily.


Step 2- Carbonate your water by pressing the button on the top of your drink maker.
You control how much carbonation.


Step 3- Add your favorite flavor. Directions are located on each bottle.


Step 4- Enjoy your new carbonated flavored drink.


The boys wanted to the Kool Aid Tropical Punch first. As you can see in the pictures above it took less than one minute to make them some Kool Aid. They said it tasted just like Hawaiian Punch which is their favorite drink. I like that SodaStream syrups are sold at our local stores where it makes it very easy to add to my grocery list and pick up while I am shopping. We also tried Root Beer as it is one of my favorite sodas and it tasted just like Root Beer you buy in the store. I can make how ever much I want and not have to worry about it going flat or not being used like when I would buy the two liter bottles. Did I mention there is no clean up and your drink is ready within 30 seconds! 

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy drinks in your home rather than spending an unlimited amount of money on can or bottle sodas head over and check out SodaStream Website here to see their entire line of products. SodaStream Home Soda Makers were a very popular item during the holidays last year and I know this year will be the same as they have many different systems. These systems are not only perfect for the home but also can be used at school for teachers, at work, and even in dorm rooms. 

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