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Snickers Crisper

We have all experienced that feeling of feeling hangry, that feeling of being hungry and angry. Well, that sneaky little feeling is learning to adapt to the ways we are calming that hangry beast and evolving. Snickers recently came up with a wonderful idea to put that beast to rest once and for all. Meet the Snickers Crisper.


If you haven’t heard of Snickers Crisper then you are probably living under a rock. Well, not really, but you need to visit the store and purchase some. The Crispers are made up of crispy rice and peanuts. Then it is topped with a layer of ooey gooey caramel. Finally, it is coated with a creamy milk chocolate. I know, I know, you are probably wondering just what this is going to cost you, as in how many meals do you have to skip to be able to just eat one. Would you believe me if I told you that you do not have to sacrifice anything to be able to enjoy this deliciousness? The fun size and we all know fun size is the perfect size for snacking, is only 100 calories per square. Snickers Crisper come in a pack of two squares. Share one with a friend, save one for later or go ahead and enjoy them both. I won’t tell if you won’t.


My Thoughts: I am already a huge fan of Snickers. When I go pick up my kid’s from school nine times out of ten I will have a Snickers bar somewhere in my purse. While I love them, they are not filling. The Crispers fill in the gap, making this the perfect snack for car line or anytime. I was wondering how the crispy rice was going to fit in with the taste, but it gives the Crispers a unique taste that pairs perfectly with the sweet taste of the Snickers we all know and love.


(Me trying to get my day started and needing that boost of chocolate.)

Snickers Crisper are perfect for keeping in your desk at work to share with coworkers or including in your lunch bag for a treat to enjoy at lunch. They are available at Walmart and come in three fun sizes; Single, 4 to Go and in a bag of 12 individual pieces. Visit your local Walmart today and visit the candy aisle or order online.

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