SmartSilk is the first all-natural bedding collection that is certified asthma and allergy free by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in America, Canada and UK. Their products provides comfort and luxury sleeping. SmartSilk is proven to be very effective against dust mites, pet dander, allergens and is resistant of mold and mildew.

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Simply Southern Couponers had a chance to review items from SmartSilk. I received two Queen Sized SmartSilk Pillows. My husband has such a hard time sleeping so I have been looking for new pillows for him to try and see if that might help him sleep a little better. When we go on vacation we have to take his pillows with him or he will not be able to sleep. I know his pillows have to be ten years plus years old good thing they get a regular washing.

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The SmartSilk pillows are made with 100% polyester micro gel fiber fill and has a quilted outer cover. It is water repellent, crunch free to have a deeper sleep with fewer interruptions. When I read that on the site I knew I should see if we could review these for Greg. When I received them,  I added our extra pillow cases to them so they would match our other pillows. Greg and I tried I first night sleeping on these pillows. I like a firm pillow and Greg has a long pillow that has a flat side and a raised side that he switches during the night. It took us getting our pillows situated to our liking during the night, but I think it will take some getting use to but overall we both like our new pillows. We have been using them for a few nights now and I can tell his sleeping is a lot better. I never knew one pillow could change how you sleep like it has. Greg still has his restless nights but the pillows are helping since he is not having to turn it frequently during the night to find comfort. These pillows actually adjust to your body temperature so you do not have to flip them to find the cool spot and also helps to reduce night sweats. 

I would like to get the boys a set especially Andrew who has severe allergies especially during winter and spring months since SmartSilk Shield Advantage protects against allergens, dust mites and pet dander.

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