Packing lunch or storing left overs is something I do frequently in our home. When cooking for only two adults and the kids each eat something different there is always leftovers. I love being able to store my leftovers or lunch the next day in a spacious container. When I say spacious I mean I can include more than one dish in one container. I had the chance to work with Smart Planet and review the Collapsible Double Decker Meal Kit. This couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with the holidays just a few short weeks away. I wanted something I could keep myself leftovers to eat during the day or a smaller portion-sized meal at night.


Smart Planet was founded in 1995, by Mike Katz, who wanted to create environment friendly products. Mr. Katz quoted in an interview, “If it’s Good for Business and it’s Good for the Environment, then it’s Good for Us and Our Partners.” I couldn’t agree more. If it is safe for people and the environment what is not to love about it.  


  • Makes lunch better than ever!
  • Perfect for complete meals on the go.
  • Includes 2 stackable compartments under 1 lid..
  • Silicone Bases are Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Lid is not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe.
  • Bottom Base compartment expands to Double the size, push down to collapse and store at half the size.
  • Includes a dressing container and a reusable spork utensil that stores in the lid!
  • Available in 3 fun colors! (Pink, Blue & Green)


Smart Planet produces Household Innovations designed for life and is an internationally renowned source of innovative and environmentally friendly products. They’ve three offices located in the United States, China and Hong Kong. If you pack your lunch or families lunch during the week I highly suggest Smart Planets products. Visit their website here to view their entire line of products. The Collapsible Double Decker Meal Kit can be purchased for just $14.99. When you like Smart Planet on Facebook you can receive a 15% discount promo code when you ask for it.

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