Skoshbox is a box filled with Japanese goodies which can include candies, snacks and fun items that you have never seen in America. Skoshbox means “a little bit” in Japanese, which is what you will get, a full assortment of sample sized candies. Skoshboxes are sent out once a month and will usually arrive the first week of the month. No month is the same so every month you will get a different candy, snack and fun items. 


As soon as I got my Skoshbox, I couldn’t wait to open it. I wasn’t to sure what to expect, since I have never had any sweets from Japan but I couldn’t wait to try them. 


I was so excited when I opened up my box and saw all these neat goodies. Thankfully Skoshbox sent a note with what all was included so I knew what I was eating. In my box I received: 

• Koala’s March – Chocolate creme filled biscuits shaped like koalas. I have to say this was one of  my favorite things in this box. 

•Ghana Crunky Chocolate – Japanese chocolate which is less sweet than American. I didn’t get to try this one, but Kaylee ate it in one bite.

• Age Ichi Senbei – This is a crunchy rice cracker that was very yummy and had a very awesome flavor.

•Cheese Umaibo – This was my favorite thing out of the whole box. Think cheese puff but huge!!! This is something I would order from Japan and get it sent to my house. 

•Milk Matcha Candy – This is a soft hard candy with a cream milky flavor. I really enjoyed it and it tasted like it had a hint of honey in it.

•Kanten Jelly – This was very sweet with a sugar-coating. I loved it, and Skoshbox suggest to eat it while drinking tea. 

•Popcandy Soda- This is a sucker that is flavored in melon, Cola and Ramune. I didn’t get to try this one but Kaylee loved it.

•Manju – This is a Steamed Azuki Bean Cake. I am not sure what flavor I got as they offer Plain, Chestnut, Milk, Matcha, or Soba. It has a very interesting flavor. Its sweet but a little salty at the same time. Whichever flavor I had was still good.

•Ichigo Milk Candy- These are strawberry milk candies which are really good, taste almost like a strawberry milk. I had 2 in my box, I enjoyed one and Kaylee enjoyed the other.

•Fujiya Home Pie – This is a flaky pie with a hint of butter. Its something that is really good and something to sit down on the couch and snack on. 

• Kakinot Ane – This is a spicy rice cracker and peanut mix. It was way to spicy for my taste, but Skoshbox noted it’s a popular snack to eat with draft beer in Japan, so my husband snacked on it with his beer and he agreed it tasted perfect with beer. 

• Keshigomu – Japanese Erasers. These things are magic. If you ever get the chance to get an eraser from Japan, do it and thank me later!


To see pictures of what all was included in this months box and last months box please visit Skoshbox here.  Skoshbox is only $12 a month and they offer FREE Shipping! If you want to sign up for October’s box sign up by 9/17 here, any orders placed after 9/17 will get November’s box. 

I am signing up for October’s box. I loved reviewing this subscription service and for only $12 a month I think everyone should try out some Japanese goodies!

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