Simply7 was born when the President of Simply7, Rashim Oberoi,  favorite foods did not pass a simple test: Can you name the natural source of each ingredient? Do you know what you are really eating? Can you pronounce the ingredients on the label?. Every ingredient used to make their products are not only natural but simple. Simply7 uses no artificial colors or flavors and no additives or preservatives. Simply7 also uses gluten free ingredients so even people with allergy symptoms can have a great tasting snack that doesn’t taste like cardboard. At Simply7 you can find simple ingredients that are also Simply Delicious!!


Life of a Southern Mom had the wonderful opportunity to review all 11 different flavors of the Simply7 Snacks! I was very excited to try these out. I decided to try each group out one at a time to make sure I enjoyed each one to the fullest!


The first group I sampled was the Hummus Chips, and they are truly Hummus Chips!! Each chip I could immediately taste the chickpea flavor that Hummus is known for.

Hummus Chips – Sea Salt: This flavor was my favorite out of all the Hummus Chips. It reminded me of the taste of dipping a cracker into hummus dip. The great thing about it is there is no mess, just the great hummus taste.

Hummus Chips – Roasted Red Pepper: These chips were very crispy, and I liked it a lot. They reminded me of a tortilla chip dipped into salsa.

Hummus Chips – Spicy Chili Pepper: I am not a big fan of spicy flavors and these had a nice spicy twang to them. I still enjoyed them, just needed a big gulp of water after drinking them. However, my husband thoroughly enjoyed them. This was one of his favorites.

Hummus Chips – Tomato Basil: My entire family loved the taste of these, even my picky 4 year old. The first taste we noticed was tomato, then as we started chewing it up, I could almost taste spaghetti. These chips will defiantly cure a craving for spaghetti!


Lentil Chips – Jalapeno: These were by far the spiciest! As soon as I bit into it my mouth was already watering. My husband LOVES spicy foods and these were his favorite. He said the Jalapeno complemented the taste of the Lentil very nicely.

Lentil Chips – Bruschetta: Everyone in my family enjoyed these as well. The texture and fluffiness of the lentil combined with the flavor created an italian bread taste that was seasoned just right with oregano.

Lentil Chips – Creamy Dill: The Creamy Dill was my second favorite flavor. I love ranch, I could eat ranch on anything and with the flavor combination of these chips, it tasted like I dipped a cracker in ranch, without the mess. I couldn’t resist and ate 3/4 of the bag in one sitting!

Lentil Chips – Sea Salt: If you love saltines these are the chips for you. The Lentil Chips are a very fluffy salty chip, not exactly crisp, but not mush. The sea salt adds just enough flavor to the lentil and what results is the flavor of the saltine with 40% less fat than a regular saltine.


Pomegranate Chips – Sea Salt: Simply7 states the sea salt is their “original flavor” and it surely is. It tasted exactly like an “original flavor” chip but without the trans fat and preservatives. The pomegranate taste also adds a slight sweet taste that most other original flavor chips do not have.

Pomegranate Chips – White Cheddar: The Pomegranate Chips: White Cheddar get my vote for #1! This was the first bag I tried and, in my opinion, was the best. I love white cheddar popcorn but I do not like how it adds inches to my waist. The sweet taste from the pomegranate pairs just right with the white cheddar taste that it taste just like  white cheddar popcorn. These are also Non-GMO and gluten free which I doubt you will find in any other White Cheddar chip!

Pomegranate Chips – Black Pepper: Something sweet and something salty mixed together? I wouldn’t have thought it would taste so good! The tangy taste of black pepper sprinkled on the sweetness of the pomegranate is a one of a kind taste. It’s something so unexpected that when you taste it you will be coming back for more.

I really enjoyed trying each different flavor combination of chip. I tried a good 2 handfuls of each chip (some bags I tried a few more than 2 handfuls) and once I tried them all I did not feel bloated or having a sick feeling in my stomach that you can usually expect when you eat a handful of  name brand chips that are high in fat. I look forward to trying out the different recipes found here and enjoy these crackers even more!!

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Disclosure: Simply Southern Couponers received a free product in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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