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Life of a Southern Mom was given the opportunity to work with a cute clothing company called Shrimp & Grits Kids. Shrimp & Grits Kids is a clothing line that is made of the highest quality and it is affordable on top of that. The name that they picked for themselves is definitely one that you will remember. Shrimp are the sweet, southern little boys and the Grits are the Girls Raised In The South. Megan Hewitt is the designer for this line and is inspired by where she lives in Coastal South Carolina. The clothing line is available on the website and also by trunk show predominantly in the South.


Megan wanted her daughter to have the smock look but could never afford it. She decided that she was going to start making her own for her and she found that she ended up spending just the same on the material and patterns as she would have if she would have just bought them already and she needed to come up with something else. That’s when Shrimp & Grits Kids was born! She found a manufacturer that could give her high quality product without the cost of the middle man. This allows her to be able to offer the quality and cuteness at very affordable prices.


What is more cute then your little one in a polo and matching shorts to go with it? Absolutely nothing. In the fashion of seersucker shorts and a polo, my son looked absolutely adorable in the Red Crab Polo & Aqua Check Shorts that came from Shrimp & Grits Kids. They have the most cute apparel for your little one that will make them seem all grown up and ready for an outing or adventure. The shorts are made from 100% cotton and have an elastic waist, so the fit is comfortable and easy to work with when it comes to sizing. If you are interested in how these may fit your child, I have included a link to the sizing chart that you can check out. My son was able to play in these and not look like he was in play clothing if we were to go out. The styles are very versatile and will have you wanting all of the matching items that come with the collections. This is a no-fuss way to get your little ones looking sharp and clean without all the hassle of them thinking that they are putting on church/dress clothes. Visit Shrimp & Grits Kids website here and start shopping for your favorite outfits. 

See Shrimp & Grits Kids Sizing Chart here

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