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In today’s world, it seems technology is being taken to the next level and that means more hackers are taking advantage. I monitor our bank accounts very closely and I know what’s supposed to be going in and out. A year or so ago I noticed that a couple of hundred dollars had been taken out of our bank account. When I looked closer at the charges I noticed they were from Walmart. Someone had hacked my debit card number and started to slowly steal money from me. I did some research to find out what I could do to prevent this from happening again. I came across the Wocket Wallet.Wocket Front

The Wocket is a smart wallet designed to help people like you and I keep our money safe. Think of it as mobile security for the mobile world. It actually replaces your entire wallet, so you don’t have to try and juggle two wallets. You can still carry cash with you and other essentials. Your WocketCard automatically transmits any card you choose including debit, credit and store loyalty cards, basically anything with a magnetic strip.

Here is how it works:

When you receive your Wocket Wallet package it will contain the Wocket, card with your name on it, Wocket Accessory, Card Reader and USB charging cord. It has a nice leather case that is removable for charging purposes. Connect the charging cord into a USB Port and charge. After the charge is complete, you shouldn’t need to charge it for over 6 months.Wocket Back

Now you are ready to set up your Wocket. Place the card reader into the leather wallet and power up. Next, you will be asked to create a PIN using 4 letters or numbers on the touch screen. The first card you swipe must be a payment card and will be used to identify you. To prevent fraud, either swipe another card or wait 5 minutes to swipe again. Swipe any additional cards by selecting a category from the menu in the top left corner. When adding payment cards you’ll enter the 3 or 4 number code on the back of the card. When you have all your cards loaded you are now ready to shop. If your card has no expiration date included, use 00/00.Wocket Quarter Shot

Visit your favorite store and shop away. When ready to check out simply type in your PIN on your Wocket Wallet and select your method of payment. The first time I used my Wocket Wallet was at the grocery store. I was nervous that I would run into problems like it wouldn’t work. At the checkout I put in my PIN and went to my loyalty cards. The cashier scanned my UPC code from the touch screen of my Wocket. Then I choose which card I wanted to use, took my Wocket Card and swiped my card using their machine like I would my credit card. I signed my name and took my receipt. It was that easy. No more digging through my wallet for my loyalty store cards or in the bottom of my purse to find my credit card. This Wocket Wallet is the perfect gadget to have so that you can making shopping easier and without the hassle of someone swiping your information.

With the technology behind the Wocket Wallet, Wocket protects my assets. With Wocket Wallet, you can—

  • Securely store all of your passwords.
  • Unlock the Wocket with your pin or voicematch.
  • Keeps your cards and data secure.
  • There’s even an app you can use to help manage your wallet and provides ongoing software updates.

In review, the Wocket Wallet.com is a smart wallet that turns all of your cards into just one electronic card that is protected by bio metric voice security. All your information is safe – no more fear about losing a card and becoming a victim of identity theft!

The Wocket Wallet is perfect for men and women alike. I encourage you to check out the Wocket Wallet for yourself to see what it has to offer you! Grab your $30 off coupon and save.

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