Having all hardwood floors in the house can be quite time consuming when it comes time to cleaning. We have a log cabin with soft pine floors. I have been looking for a product that I could use on my hardwood floors that will clean them as I have been using a standard wring mop. I wanted something a little easier on my back that would also sanitize my floors at the same time. 

Founder Mark Rosen of Euro-Pro is the third generation of his family to lead the company all while continuing to be passionate about their products and value. Euro-Pro is a pioneer of cleaning solutions and small household appliances. Euro-Pro is the developer of Shark as well as other big name brands like Bravetti, Ninja, and Euro-Pro Brands. Euro-Pro has the most efficient products from chemical free steam mops to the state of the art kitchen appliances. 


I was introduced to the Shark Steam & Spray Mop Pro SK460 model. I have never used Shark’s products before but have always read and stayed up to date with their products. I have been really wanting to try this new Shark Steam & Spray Mop for a while. I received Shark Steam & Spray Pro Mop. For the first time, Shark has combined their trusted super-heated steam with a gentle, non-toxic cleanser. The Shark Steam & Spray Mop is perfect for anyone who needs that extra cleaning power to deep clean and sanitize all hard floor surfaces. This is everything I wanted in a mop and more.

Setting up the mop was very simple. Just follow the 8 steps below.  

1. Insert the handle into the main body of the steam mop until it clicks.

2. Insert the power cord into the cord receptacle. (Can be used without the power cord in the spray only setting)

3. Add batteries to the back of steam mop where indicated. 

4. Lay the washable pad onto the floor and line up with the Steam Mop. Velcro edges will attach to the steam mop. 

5. Add water to the water tank filling to the line indicator. (Allow up to 30 seconds for water to heat)

6. Place the Shark Steam Energized Cleanser upside down in the units holder.

7. There are 3 Steam Settings (SaniFiber Disposable Pads, Mop and Scrub). Set to the option you would like to you.  

8. Turn on and start your cleaning.   


Features of the Shark Steam & Spray Mop: 

Intelligent Electronic Steam Control

Cleanser Spray Button

25′ Removable Power Cord

450ml Water Tank

Spray Nozzle

Ergonomic Handle

Washable Pads

SaniFiber™ Pads

My overall opinion about this steam & spray mop is that this is one awesome product and even if you do not have hardwood floors I suggest you buy one. The Steam & Spray Mop can be used on any type of floors except wood or tile floors that are worn or treated with wax. Before I began using on my floors Greg recommended me test a small conspicuous area and I had no problems. It is very light weight and cleans great.  It has a swivel steering that turns 180-degree around the house getting even in tight spots around furniture. Shark’s washable micro-fiber pads help loosen, lift, and lock in dirt plus the non-toxic multi-purpose cleanser is safe to use around kids and pets. If you do not want to use the steaming feature you can use the spray only or you can use both at the same time. The Washable Pad is super easy to clean I just threw mine in the washer or you can wash by hand. The size and quality still remains the same. I do let it air dry. If you are looking for a product that will clean your floors without the harsh chemicals I highly recommend getting a Shark Steam & Spray Mop. You can order them online or in stores. To see more about Shark and their entire line of products visit their website here.

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