Safely securing guns in your home

Safely securing your guns in the home

Owning a gun is a proud American tradition. The right for private citizens to buy and maintain their own firearms is enshrined in law, whether to defend their homes or simply for aesthetic satisfaction. However, particularly for those who are gun owners due to the latter reason, it is incredibly important to understand that guns are not merely symbols. Guns are dangerous objects, designed exclusively to kill. Forgetting the simple fact that a gun is created to cause harm is a potent recipe for disaster. In particular, a child getting his or her hands on their parents’ gun has let to countless tragedies throughout the nation. Similarly, during a home defense scenario, an intruder getting their hands on the weapon can actually amplify the danger, turning the thing that should have been the gun owner’s salvation into their worst nightmare. 

Both of these situations, as well as countless other variations and problems, arise from the same basic difficulty: the failure to secure the firearm properly. There are various solutions to this problem, but the only truly effective way to deal with it is to own a gun safe. Most major gun retailers should sell gun safes, but if that is not an option, they can be obtained from websites such as

Storing your guns in a safe prevents either children or assailants from reaching the gun, while allowing the gun owner to determine to whom he or she wants to allow access to the gun in the event of an emergency, by giving them the combination. Merely hiding a gun is not enough to truly ensure safety, because a truly curious child can find any hidden location. Furthermore, hiding a gun in an inaccessible spot means it cannot be retrieved as easily in an emergency. However, a gun safe solves both of these problems. A well secured safe cannot be opened by a child, but it can easily be accessed by the right adult, be it the owner or a trusted spouse, relative or friend who has been entrusted with the combination. Additionally, a side benefit is that a gun safe can be quite beautiful in and of itself, adorned with carefully made engravings and crafted from various metals. While obviously a secondary concern, those who own guns for aesthetic reasons are likely to enjoy having an object that replicates the same artistic values that a gun can have.

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