Have you ever had the thought in your head as to why you are paying so much for a wireless service? Have you ever wondered why you are paying for data usage on the internet that you already pay another company to provide? Life of a Southern Mom received the opportunity to review Scratch Wireless phone. Scratch Wireless wonders why people pay for these things as well. They absolutely love smartphones, and they want you to enjoy having one without all those “extras” that you are supposed to be getting but you pay EXTRA for in the process.


They believe that wireless should be free. Don’t we all believe in that? Then why are you not with Scratch Wireless already. The philosophy is simple. Wireless can and should be free. Free is one of those words that tends to come with lots of hidden fees and charges behind it with other wireless companies. Not with Scratch Wireless. I mean have you ever really thought about all those charges that you pay for with a cellphone provider?
Smartphones are able to send text messages, run all the apps that you love so much and they can even make telephone calls off of an internet connection. You already pay for internet service from another company, so why on earth are you paying so much for a wireless service. Scratch Wireless asks why you are even paying at all? It’s a crazy question that you probably have thought about but have just never been able to give an answer to in your mind. You may be now wondering with me having asked you the questions what the catch is with Scratch Wireless. The answer is simply that there isn’t one.

Even if you are not able to access wi-fi, your texting is still free. I know this all sounding too good to be true, right? There are no contracts, no ads and absolutely no catch with Scratch Wireless. 80% of the time you are around somewhere that has a Wi-Fi network and when you aren’t the Sprint Network of towers is there to back you up. If you need the service while not in a wi-fi area you can simply buy a pass for $1.99. When Wi-Fi is able to be used again, you go back to free service. If you want to be covered all the time and not even think about when you may go out of range of a wi-fi network, there are also other available passes that you can purchase. The prices are very reasonable and way less then you have been paying for coverage.

For a one day pass you would pay $1.99 and for a whole 30 days of coverage you simply pay $14.99. How awesome is that?! The phone that Scratch Wireless offer is the Motorola Photon Q. This phone has everything that you would want from an Android smartphone. The only thing that you are missing out on is the crazy monthly payment that you have been making a month. This phone has a 4.9 inch display and a touch screen, dual high-resolution cameras, fast networking and you even have access to everything in the Google Play Store. This smartphone does everything that you want from social media and taking pictures and more. And for those people that absolutely love to text, they have a slide-out keyboard. This seems like a dream come true in a world that is run by always being connected at all times for work or otherwise.
The display size is 4.3 inches and the camera has great resolution with 8 MP. The video is also awesome with 1080p resolution. Your connection that is provided is 4G LTE, which is just fancy talk for saying that you are connected at 25 Mbps. Stay connected with everything you need for free, $1.99 for one day or $14.99 for a whole month. The phone cost is not even that much either at $269!
So to recap:
Try out Scratch Wireless for 30 days risk-free. If you don’t love the service just return the phone and they will refund you what you paid.
Keep your old number or opt to get a new one.
Unlimited free texting on wi-fi or cellular connections.
Unlimited free voice and data when you are on a wi-fi connection.
You can pay-as-you go for unlimited access for as little as $1.99 for a day or $14.99 for 30 days.
There are no contracts, no ads and absolutely no catch. It’s free because that’s how it should be.

This would be a great gift for the upcoming holiday season, and unlike those other wireless companies that try to have you gift their service, the person receiving this service (or even as a gift to yourself!) would never be obligated to more than $14.99 a month. So what are you waiting for? Join the Wi-Fi First Movement!

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