Set up the Party Zone with a Game Day Taco Bar with Old El Paso™ and Avocados from Mexico collegefootball2Saturday down South is ALL about Football. Everywhere you go you see a football team logo, football on TV and people talking about football. Football is a big deal around here. No matter what team you pull for football is a big celebration with lots of fans. There is no football gathering without food involved. This is where my favorite Old El Paso dishes comes in. Yes, Mexican food during the football game is a win, win. Whether I am fixing dips, mini tacos, taco boats, burritos, fajitas, mini taco chips there is definitely a dish everyone loves.taco

What’s more festive during the game than a football themed taco bar? Everyone loves celebrating Game Day and the foods that go with it. I headed over to Publix to purchase all the ingredients I need to serve a Football party tray. I always like when the food is out and people can fix their plates any time they are ready or even snack on foods. I picked up Old El Paso Soft Tacos, Stand and Stuff Shells and a Taco Boat Kit. I also wanted to try Old El Paso Salsa and decided to get some Green Chilis and Avocados from Mexico for extra flavors. Whether you are feeding a family of four to five or entertaining a large group of friends, avocados are always the perfect addition to any meal. Is there a fruit more versatile than the avocado? You can slice it, dice it, smash it, or serve it whole. It taste great at breakfast, lunch and dinner or as a satisfying snack anytime of the day. And the best part is, you get the same nutritional boost whether you serve it on a sandwich, mix it in a dip, blend it in a smoothie or eat it all by itself. In fact, avocados are so popular at parties and festivities that people across the United States enjoy more than 1.3 billion pounds of avocados each year. That is a lot!



1-lb. Lean Hamburger Meat

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning

Lettuce, shredded

Tomatoes diced

1- 4oz. can of Old El Paso diced green chiles

Shredded Cheese

1- Avocado

1- Old El Paso Soft Boat Tortillas

1- Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Shells

1- Soft Flour Tortilla (Burrito size)


Brown hamburger meat.


Add hamburger meat and taco seasoning to pan.

Allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

While simmering shred lettuce, dice tomatoes, shred cheese and dice avocados.

Stuff your tacos with all your favorite add-ins.



I had everything ready just in time for our family and friends arrival and kickoff time. It only took me less than 30 minutes to prepare and display everything. Now it’s time you celebrate game time with family and friends featuring some of Old El Paso delicious taco recipes.


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