Designing your own jewelry can be incredibly fun and satisfying. There is now a way that you can design your own jewelry and include the sand from your favorite beach. Life of a Southern Mom recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dune Jewelry and review one of their beautiful pieces. Dune Jewelry was launched by Holly Daniels Christensen back in late September 2010. Holly spent her summers at the beach and began making sand jewelry for her family and childhood friend. She then realized everyone has a special memory or adventure they would like to cherish. Holly has been featured in the Huffington Post, L.A. Times, as well as Boston STUFF Magazine. She hopes to Dune customers will keep spreading the word and making new coastal memories along the way.

I chose to receive a Sandollar Collection Bangle with Edisto, SC beach sand. Edisto is where my mother in law used to live and is the first beach I was able to take my three boys for their first beach trip. This beautiful bangle is silver plated and has a hinged cuff for easily putting it on and off. The bezel is 25mm and is filled with your favorite sand and then rounded off by sanding into a dome shape. It is beautiful to say the least.


Dune Jewelry Design has something for everyone including men, so this would make a great gift for someone that you knew was a beach lover as much as I am. All you have to do once you have selected the jewelry that you would like is to select the sand from the beach of your choice. If you don’t see it there, you can shoot them a message. If you have your own sand that you have collected you are more then welcome to send it in to them to use in your piece of jewelry. The list of beaches that you can choose from does not only stop at the United States. To view all the beaches you can choose from take a look at their extensive list here. Dune Jewelry also has a list of retailers so that you can have the experience of selecting everything in person. To see if there is one near you check out their retailer list.

Is there someone in your family that has always wanted to travel to a far off beach but maybe they just don’t have the means to do so? Bring the beach to them with this special gift. Maybe they are from another country and have not been back there or ever visited. Heritage is important to us all. A gift that has a sentiment of where we come from can brighten someone’s day whenever they were the specialized jewelry from Dune Jewelry Design.

The whole team over at Dune Jewelry Design wants nothing more but to help you cherish your memories of the beaches you love. Getting the chance to help people relive some of the best memories of their lives through a piece of jewelry is a timeless treasure. Make sure that you visit the team on their website to learn more about them and to find the perfect something as a reminder to you or a loved one of good times had and memories to come. I can’t wait to order a new piece with Mexico sand in memory of where Greg and I married.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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