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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure working with Double Blessings to review their San Diego Bebe nursing pillow. There are various nursing pillows available at a variety of different price points. If you are looking for the Cadillac of nursing pillows, you have found it! This nursing pillow retails for $59.99, which is a steal when you look at what you get for this price. Included in the package is an eco-friendly nursing pillow, luxe slipcover, back support pillow, and removable nursing cover. If you bought all of these items individually, it would total over $80!

The first thing you will notice when you remove this pillow from its package is the delicious luxe minky fabric. Some nursing pillows come with no cover or a basic cotton cover. The cover included with the San Diego Bebe pillow is luxurious and so soft! You will wish you could be the one to lay on it!

The pillow is quite generously sized and my four-month-old did not have any trouble resting comfortably on it. The angled design kept her close to my body and in the correct position. The bolster pads are a nice touch but would not keep her from rolling off if she got determined. They would be effective for containing a tiny baby on the pillow, though. The bolster also prevents baby from sliding off when there is a minor positioning adjustment.


One small issue I had was with the buckle. Compared to other pillows with a buckle, the strap is quite thin and the buckle is very small. This makes it feel like it is not very sturdy. The thinner strap also tends to dig into your skin a bit, unless you use the included back support pillow. The pillow is a great bonus feature and is very comfortable. One problem is that it requires you to increase the amount of strap you are using quite a bit.

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My absolute favorite feature of this nursing pillow is the built in nursing cover. Because it is attached to the pillow itself and goes around your neck, there is no way for it to fall off or to be pulled off by a rambunctious baby. The mesh material is very light, stretchy and breathable. Even in the heat of the summer, we did not find it to be overwhelmingly hot.

Even when she pushes with her fist, she is unable to move the stretchy cover!

The one disadvantage of this cover is that it does not cover the sides as well as I would like. When you view the side angle, the nursing process can be somewhat exposed. Even so, I love how well it stays in place. When not in use, it can easily be tucked inside the pocket.

As you can see, if we were nursing, the cover leaves a big gap for exposure.
When nursing, the cover leaves a big gap for exposure.

If you are only going to have one nursing pillow, you should definitely choose the San Diego Bebe. For all of the amazing features that are included, it can’t be beat!

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San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillows are made with Eco*Loft™ Fiber (NOT foam) and are:

  • FREE of fire-retardant chemicals
  • Hypo-allergenic & non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable
  • Odor-free, glue-free, foam-free, lead-free & Phthalate-free
  • Available in two sizes: for a single baby and for twins
  • San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow features include:
  • Privacy Cover™ – Built-in, detachable nursing cover-up made of lightweight mesh allows airflow & discretion.
  • Angled Surface – Positions baby towards mother, encouraging proper positioning, latch, suckle & swallow.
  • Comfort Bolster™ – Provides added comfort & security.
  • Detachable Back Pillow – Placement anywhere along mother’s spine for optimum posture & comfort.
  • Adjustable Fit – Waist strap with Quiet-Squeeze buckle fits up to 52″ waist, securing pillow to mom.

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