Saffron Road Review

 Saffron Road Specialty Foods Review

Being a mom, especially to two under the age of 5 can get very stressful and worrying about the type of foods and what type of substances is in that food just adds to that stress. Saffron Road Foods has helped elevate a little bit of that stress by creating natural foods that are free of gluten and the animals are only fed with 100% vegetarian food blends. The Saffron Road Food Brand was launched in 2010, with their first line of food starting out in 250 stores. Adnan Durrani has made Halal frozen food products available in many grocery stores and Saffron Road Foods is the first Halal-certified and certified humane frozen entrees. 

Saffron Road

 I received 4 coupons from Saffron Road good for 4 FREE products to review. I went to their website to use the store locator. I was happy to find out they have them in Kroger and Publix. I went to Publix and was surprised to find they didn’t have any Saffron Road Food products in stock, so I went to Kroger. Kroger didn’t have that big of a selection but they still had a bigger selection than Publix had. I picked out the Chicken Nuggets,  Chicken Tenders, and Tandoori Seasoned Chicken Nuggets. We love chicken nuggets so I couldn’t wait to get home to try them out. All of the chicken nuggets are all natural halal, if you are wondering halal foods are foods that are permitted under Islamic dietary guidelines; no pork or pork by products, blood and blood by products, birds of prey, carnivorous animals, animals dead prior to slaughtering. Halal is one of the most humane methods of getting the foods ready to be cooked.

Saffron Road

 I absolutely loved the Tandoori Seasoned Chicken Nuggets. They were spiced just right and tasted great with ranch dressing. My girls loved the Chicken Nuggets and the Chicken Tenders. What I really liked the most was that my kids were not putting in the antibiotics most people put into chickens when growing them. Saffron Road only uses chickens that are humanely raised and are never given antibiotics and they are cooked in a gluten free batter. Each package cost $6.97 and there are about 3-4 servings in each pack, Some may think it is a little costly, but it is well worth it knowing my kids are eating food that is good for them!

Want to find out where you can purchase Saffron Road Foods near you? Visit them here to find out. 

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