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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of reviewing the newly released Rio 2 Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack plus a limited edition lunchbox that is only available at Best Buy as an exclusive Back to School Item. The boys and I went to the theaters during our summer break to enjoy this fun, comical, family movie. There is nothing like a good family movie that all three kids will sit still during and laugh while watching. Rio 2 is full of animation and the story line will rope you in until the very end.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment takes you deep into the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest for the most fun you’ll have all summer, as RIO 2 debuts on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD July 15. Not only will kids get nearly an hour and a half of bonus features on the RIO 2 Blu-ray™, but they’ll also get their groove on with two downloadable bonus songs from the RIO 2 soundtrack: “I Will Survive” and “Poisonous Love,” both performed by Gabi (Kristin Chenoweth) and Nigel (Jemaine Clement). For even more fun, every Blu-ray™ comes with 15 exclusive levels for Angry Birds Rio™ and Music Machine Sing-Along and Dance-Along songs for a whole family party! There’s also Janelle Monáe’s “What is Love” lyric video, a deleted scene, character auditions and much more!

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Rio 2 is about Blu, his wife Jewel and their three kids; music-loving Carla, book smart Bia, and the youngest and mischievous Tiago, who take an unforgettable adventure through the Amazon. Blu’s former owner Linda Gunderson and her ornithologist husband; Tulio, are on an expedition in the Amazon and eventually run up on spix’s macaw that loses one of it’s feathers. News travels fast by television and Jewel thinks they should explore the Amazon and try to find Blu’s macaws. Blu’s friends Pedro, Nico and Rafael join Blu’s family on their journey to the Amazon.RIO 2

When they arrive to their destination Blu tries to fit in with his surroundings, and goes beak-to-beak with the villainous Nigel and meets his fearsome; father-in-law Eduardo, Jewel’s aunt Mimi and Jewel’s childhood friend Roberto. Jewel’s father is very unimpressed by Blu’s behavior. While Linda and her husband are still out searching for Blu’s macaws they run upon an illegal logging site, who’re tearing down the Amazon and whatever comes in their way. Soon Linda and Tulio are captured and trapped by the loggers. After, Blu fails miserably at his father in laws survival training, Blu takes a break and wonders off until he runs across Linda and Tulio’s abandoned site that has been destroyed and soon discovers there are loggers destroying the jungle. Blu sends word back to warn the flock of the dangers as he tries to save Linda and Tulio. When the macaws defend their homes against the loggers the loggers see they are easily out numbered and Big Boss uses a back up plan as he tries to blow up one of the, but as soon as the dynamite is lit, Blu’s hurries in to steal the dynamite. Nigel then goes after Blu who reveals himself as they are battling the vines. Gabi tries to shoot Blu with her dart filled with poison only to hit Nigel and then Gabi tries to commit suicide by drinking her own poison, but Bia reveals that Gabi really isn’t poisonous as her parents lied to her all this time. Nigel tries to attach Blu one final time but Gabi distracts Nigel by telling him her feelings all will Big Boss gets eaten alive by a boa constrictor.

Now with the entire flock under Linda and Tulio’s protection Jewel and Blu decide to move to the Amazon with the kids and visit Rio during the summer. This movie ends in a musical party as each and every one of the birds are there to attend. 

Check out these Color Sheets and Activities for the kids to enjoy!

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