Like pretty much every girl I love getting my nails done. My local salon charges $25 for a simple manicure and an additional $5 to have a color other than clear, so $30 total for something that will last maybe a week if I am lucky. I love to pamper myself and with how expensive getting my nails done can cost I barely get to do that. Red Carpet Manicure changes that. They offer at home salon kits for a fraction of the cost it would be to have your nails done every week. I remember when I was little my grandma always used Red Carpet Manicure finger nail polish and always raved about getting her nails “gelled” when she would go get her hair done.


Red Carpet Manicure sent me the Starter Kit which included everything I needed to get a professional salon gel manicure at home. It had a portable LED light, Prep Polish, Structure Polish, Brilliance Polish, Revitalize Oil, Red Carpet Reddy Gel Polish, Purify Cleanser and Gel Nail Polish Remover. They also offer an Accessories Kit which includes a few items you will need to get the job done, so I suggest ordering it when you order your kit. I had all this already on hand. The whole process was very easy to follow.

• Step 1- Preparation. This is where I took the prep sanitizer and brushed it on my nails to make sure they were nice and clean and sparkly.  I then took an Orangewood stick and pushed my cuticles back and brushed over my nails with a buffing stick, to help the polish stick on longer.


• Step 2- Care & Color. This is where I applied a thin coat (when I say thin, do not apply to much or it will easily peel off) of the Structure Base Coat Gel on the first 4 nails and let it cure in my LED light for 1 minute. Make sure not to under cure or over cure or it could result in your polish chipping or peeling off. You can only put 4 nails under the LED light at a time then 1 thumb, so this process took around 6 minutes. This I would say was the only part I didn’t like was not being able to cure all 5 nails, and it was kinda awkward trying to put 4 nails under the light.


•Step 3- I finally got to apply the color! I love the red color and can’t wait to try it out on my toe nails. They have a lot of other colors I can’t wait to order, especially the Paparazzied, I can’t Believe It, Camera Flash and Socialite Status.  They send Red Carpet Reddy in the Starter and Pro Kit. I consider the color a dark color so I had to let my nails cure for 3 minutes (Its only 2 minutes for lighter colors) . This process only took about 13 minutes. I finally realized I could do both thumbs at the same time he he.


•Step 4- Make it shine!! I love glossy nails but a day after leaving the nail salon, my nails are looking a little dull. I applied the Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat and let my nails cure for 2 minutes. This process took about 7 minutes. You can tell where I got a little on my skin, but somehow the Cleanser took it off of my skin but not off my nails. I swear this stuff is magic.


•Step 5- Even when I do my nails at home they always have this tacky feeling, and it kinda puts me off doing my nails because I can’t stand that feeling. Red Carpet Manicure includes a Purify Pre and Post Application Cleanser which you wipe over your nails and some how it magically makes them not tacky. This stuff has to be one of the best things ever invented. I then followed with the Nourishing Cuticle Oil.

It has been almost a week since I did my nails, and by now I would barely have any polish left on my nails, and I don’t even have the slightest chip in my nails. I love this and I can’t wait to get more colors to try out.

I recommend this product to anyone who goes to a nail salon to get a manicure. It ends up being around $4 per application, where as its $30 to go to a salon!

If you want to order your own kit (they have a starter kit and a pro kit) Make sure to visit Red Carpet Manicure! They also offer an assortment of Nail Art Kits which look pretty cool. Also head over here and find stores and other places online where you can purchase products from Red Carpet Manicure

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