Red Baron Singles & Minis


Life of a Southern Mom’s family are huge pizza lovers! 

When you want pizza but don’t want to make a whole pizza just for you, Red Baron has you covered with their singles. We already knew that Red Baron pizza was amazingly good, but now you can have personal sized goodness all to yourself. The singles come in thin crust, deep dish and pan style crust with lots of different flavors to choose from. If you thought you knew frozen pizza before, you really need to think again. I am about to tell you all about the different flavors that come in each style crust. Picking one to try first is going to be the hardest decision you ever had to make.


The thin crust singles come in 4 Cheese and Pepperoni. These are your more traditional flavors that you are used to and the pan crust singles come in Pepperoni, Meat Trio and Supreme. Now here comes the part that is going to make you wonder how they came up with such a great idea for a frozen singles pizza. The deep dish crust singles come in flavors such as Meat Trio, Supreme, Pepperoni, Cheese, Sausage, 4 Cheese and even Hawaiian. They gave you the choices for when you are having a pizza craving but don’t want to make a whole pizza, now you just have to decide which one you’re going to choose first and which one is going to be your favorite (if that’s even possible!).


To top it all off the deep dish style pizza now comes in Minis. All of your favorite toppings are added perfectly to a smaller pizza bite that you can enjoy quickly or on the go. Reminiscent of the bagel bite style pizzas that we know, these deep dish minis will blow you away with their crust on the bottom. For a snack whenever you please in Pepperoni and Cheese flavors, you won’t be disappointed. They may be small, but they are super big on taste. It is an experience like none other when you try out these pizzas whose slogan should really be “Honey, Who Shrunk The Pizza?”. Red Baron has got pizza craving down to a science.  


I have 3 big pizza lovers in the house besides myself. With Ty and Eli, they could eat pizza every night of the week. Greg and I are big Red Baron Pizza lovers and will only buy this brand of pizza. Yes, we have tried numerous brands but we always come back to Red Baron. Being able to fix Ty and Eli a single pizza each for lunch or dinner is quick and easy. They don’t have left overs and the size portion is perfect for them. Their favorite is the pepperoni and Meat Trio. If you have pizza lovers in your home you should try these new Red Baron Minis and Singles. They are great for lunch, snack and dinner time. I also received a mini portable speaker, a Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips and a mini emergency kit for personal needs. I really enjoyed being able to use my mini portable speaker while waiting for my pizza to cook. 


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Life of a Southern Mom received  coupons to purchase Red Baron new Minis or Singles in exchange for my honest review.


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