RECARO has always been more then just a name, more that just leather and fabric. It is about making a name for themselves in the industry and evoking fascination with everyone that hears the name. They have been in business for more then 100 years and have become one of the best known seat manufacturers in the world. They want nothing more but to give you a safe and sophisticated product that you will tell your friends about. Their design, craftsmanship and functionality of their products is what sets them apart. RECARO is unique and defines itself by what it can do and achieve along with how their products will benefit the customer. They are inspired every day by the people around them.

RECARO is characterized by six essential attributes:

  • Distinctive: We are unique.

  • Premium: We are among the top.

  • Consistent: We are determined and enduring.

  • Reliable: We are trustworthy.

  • Open-minded: We are interested in new solutions.

  • Creative: What we shape is substantial.

They are busy trailblazing into the new and beyond for the safety and comfort for you and your family every single day.


I received the RECARO Performance SPORT in Knight for review. Before I even get started in telling you everything amazing about this seat just know that it meets all new FMVSS 213 Standards. It has an EasyAdjust no-rethread harness that has an upper weight limit of 65 pounds. This will accommodate a child that is up to 9.5 years old. That amazed me when I read that. Safety is a must when you’re in a vehicle these days with all the accidents that you hear about. RECARO is known for comfort so you know your little one will be riding in style and comfort along with the safety. The Performance Series line of car seats has a comfort enhancing memory foam, CoolMesh ventilation and is super fashionable. It also has a pretty slim design and the claim to being even more awesome is that you can fit THREE across in some mid sized vehicles. Talk about a space saver. This seat also has the deepest of seats with reinforced side walls that are inspired by racing and have full body side impact protection. It’s hard to think of a seat for your little one that is any safer or that will be great during this warmer weather that we are having. The ventilated seats will certainly make it nice with the no sweating into the fabric!



Side Impact Protection: RECARO’s Side Impact Protection is designed to distinctly protect 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision – their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis.

EasyGuide Belt Guide: Whether in Harness or Booster mode each belt guide is color coded so you can easily identify the proper belt path and positioning of either the LATCH strap or vehicle seat belt.

EasyAdjust 5-Point Harness: Harness and head restraint are adjusted together so no re-threading is necessary to properly position the harness shoulder straps to the child.

ErgoShell Structure: The ProSPORT’s shell is designed to offer child occupants the comfort qualities RECARO seats are known throughout the world for.

SoftTouch Seat Cushion: Memory foam cushion in the seat of the Performance SPORT ensures a comfortable ride.

Safety Stripe System: This one-of-a-kind racing-inspired white stripe, clearly visible on the outside edge of the 5-point harness, alerts parents to improper harness alignment.


Having three kids each in a  car seat means having room in the back seat of my vehicle is very important because I want all three to be comfortable to help make our traveling easier on everyone. Since our little one who is now four was born we’ve had two other brands of car seats including Eddie Bauer and Evenflo. As both are great car seats I came to the conclusion that we needed something made a little more narrow in width that Eli could continue to grow and use. I drive a Camry so we all know there isn’t that much room as a mini van, SUV or truck. With RECARO the size is perfect in the back seat with two other booster seats. 


When installing RECARO I couldn’t believe how simple it was to install this seat. I began reading the manual to be sure I was installing correctly. I simply attached the two latch connectors in the bottom of the seat and the top anchor latch behind the headrest and tightened the latch belt as tight as it would go to ensure a sturdy seat. If the seat can move an inch or more either way, then the seat is not properly installed. I love how this seat is not only a  harness but can also be used as a booster for my two older boys who are 6 and 7. The side impact protection system is such a great feature because it protect the child from side impact if there was an accident. The padded cushion straps fit perfectly at the neck and ensures that the straps do not dig into their neck or irritate them. They also do not slip down the straps so the kids can not play with them. There is also a cushion on the bottom buckle to keep from pinching when the child is being strapped in and also when it’s hot out, no worries of the child being burned from the buckles being to hot. Everything about this car seat screams safety and comfort for your child. 

 I want to specially thank RECARO for giving my family the opportunity to try and review this car seat. To learn more about RECARO visit their website here.   

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