The Easter Story for Kids

It was a very sad day for Mary and the friends of Jesus when all they can do is to stand there and watch Jesus Christ dying on the cross. They cannot seem to understand why this had to happen to the Son of God.

They recalled how He multiplied 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed thousands of people, healed the sick, and even brought a dead person back to life. They thought that He was such a good man and can’t think of a reason why He had to die.

Just before sunset, one of the disciples of Jesus named Joseph, saw that Jesus was not breathing anymore. He immediately asked a permission to Pontius Pilate to bring Jesus’ body down from the cross, so they can bury him. When Pontius Pilate said yes to his request, Joseph and another friend of Jesus named Nicodemus, wrapped the body of Jesus with clean pieces of cloth. After that, they took His body to a tomb and buried him.

The next day…

The Pharisees who wanted Jesus dead can’t stop thinking about what the Son of God said before He died. They remembered Him saying that He will resurrect from the dead after three days.

They got worried that it might be true, or that the disciples of Jesus might steal the body and say that He rose again. Afraid of these things to happen, the Pharisees went to Pontius Pilate to suggest the tomb be sealed with a very big stone. Aside from that, they also ordered guards to surround the tomb.

On the third day, just before sunrise…

An extraordinary thing happened! A strong earthquake hit and an angel of God came down from the heaven. The huge stone covering the tomb was moved and the angel sat on it. Seeing this, the guards fell down to the ground and shook with fear.

The Real Easter Story for Kids

On that same day, Mary Magdalene together with the others who believe in Jesus Christ, decided to get up early to visit the tomb of Jesus. They were planning to put some perfume and spices on His body, even though they had absolutely no idea how they were going to move the gigantic stone that they knew was blocking the entrance.

When they reached the tomb where the body of Jesus Christ was placed, they were surprised to see that the huge stone was no longer covering the opening! What’s even more shocking was that there was an angel sitting on it.

All of them were frightened by what they saw, but then the angel spoke to them in a very gentle voice:

Do not be afraid. I know you’ve come to visit Jesus Christ, but He’s not here. He has risen from the dead, just as He said he would. Come and see the place where His body lay.”

Upon hearing this, the women entered the tomb and have realized that it is indeed empty.

The angel said to them:

Go and tell the other disciples that He has risen. Jesus is going to Galilee, where you’ll see Him.”

With great joy, the women did what they were told. They went to the other disciples and spread the good news. However, no one believed what they said and Peter decided to see for himself if it was true.

When he went inside the tomb, he saw the pieces of cloth that was originally wrapped around Jesus, but the body itself wasn’t there. He began to wonder if it was true that Jesus resurrected and was really alive.

Two other disciples were traveling to Emmaus…

As they walk, they talked about what happened the past few days. Suddenly, a man came to walk with them and join their discussion. They told the man everything, including the crucifixion and the empty tomb. They also invited him for dinner and the man came along.

When they all sat down to eat, the man picked up the bread and then broke it into small pieces. He also prayed before giving the pieces of bread to them. At this moment, all of them realized that the man that they invited for dinner was Jesus Christ!

As soon as they began to realize it, the man suddenly disappeared. They excitedly discussed about the wonderful time they spent walking and talking with Jesus, as well as his sudden disappearance. They also decided to return to Jerusalem to tell the others that it was true that He resurrected.

As the disciples and friends of Jesus were talking,

Jesus appeared again and told them to not be afraid. He also showed them His hands, and the disciples saw the nail holes from the crucifixion. They finally believed that it was Him and that He had resurrected from the dead.

All of them were so happy and excited to tell everyone the good news:

Jesus, the Son of God, is ALIVE!

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