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Radius was founded in 1982 by James O’Halloran and Kevin Foley in the Caribbean Island of Tortola. They are architects that were fascinated by the idea of a functional and enjoyable toothbrush. Radius aimed to make a toothbrush comfortable, enjoyable, and effective, with a large head area for low pressure brushing with a comfortable handle.  In late 1983 the partners moved their families from Tortola to Manhattan for final product development and established a loft in New York’s Flatiron District. The Final design had 5,500 thin bristles and came in right and left hand versions. Radius is the first company to have a rubber toothbrush. They developed the SCUBA toothbrush back in 1988, while living in PA. Today almost 80% of toothbrushes use rubber. The SCUBA toothbrush has a bendy neck that lets you know when you are applying too much pressure while you are brushing. They were also approached by Fisher-Price in 1999 to join in the development of a toothbrush line for kids. They designed 3 different toothbrushes, each allowing their parents to brush their children’s teeth more skillfully and eventually allowing the child to do it on their own. Radius has the Baby brush, with ultra-soft bristles, Little People Brush with a short height for beginner brushers, and a Rescue Hero for boys or Jazz for Girls with rubber grips to make brushing easier. Another toothbrush Radius developed is an Intelligent toothbrush. It has a 2 minute timer to help reach the 2 minutes, twice a day brushing that dentist recommend.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review (2) Totz Toothbrushes, one in pink sparkle and one in orange sparkle.  The Totz Toothbrush is for children ages 18 months and up and is completely BPA Free. This toothbrush has non-aligned bristles to help avoid tooth erosion while providing cushioned brushing.  The handle is designed with both toddlers and parents in mind.

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I am very big on my girls brushing their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Their regular toothbrush was hard for my 2 year old to handle and I still didn’t feel like she was getting her teeth as clean because the bristles were even small. My 4 year old wants to do everything herself and with her toothbrush I was still so worried about her teeth not being clean. We were very happy to give the Totz brush a try. My youngest, Kaylee instantly loved it. She was able to hold the brush easily and with the bristle design, she easily brushed her back teeth with no problem. Aubreigh loved hers as well, the handle fit into her hands better and I didn’t have to worry as much that her teeth were not getting clean.

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To view all the products from Radius, visit them here. They have many designs plus travel cases and floss!

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