No childhood is complete without the quintessential red Radio Flyer wagon. We had a Radio Flyer wagon when I was a little girl and I knew it was something we absolutely needed for our own little girl. Although there have been so many changes to the overall design, I know that I can trust the quality and longevity of a little red wagon made by Radio Flyer.

radio flyer 1980s

We received the Radio Flyer 5-in-1 Family Wagon for review. I was astonished at the number of features and configurations of this wagon. Over the years, the wagons not only have become safer, but have also become more comfortable. I think you will also be amazed at what this particular wagon has to offer!


The first item that was most noticeable to me was the canopy. This is a removable UV-protection sun shade. It assembles with poles similar in design to a tent and can be collapsed for storage if desired.

radio flyer canopy

This is great during the middle of the day to prevent the kids from riding in direct sunlight. Obviously, later in the day, the sun will not be directly overhead and the canopy is pretty much useless but still looks very impressive.

radio flyer canopy shade

The next feature that is pretty cool is the cupholders that are available. There are two “adult” cupholders, one on either side of the handle. There are also two shallow child cupholders on the back of one of the seats. These can only be used if one child is seated in the wagon and the seat with the cupholders is folded down.

radio wagon cupholders

Obviously the main selling point of this wagon is its 5-in-1 seating arrangement. Here are the five configurations:

radio flyer configuration 1

This is with both seats folded flat. This configuration is most like the traditional Radio Flyer wagon.

radio flyer configuration 2

Two seats facing the rear of the wagon. The seatbelt placement for the rear seat (pictured left) is not as secure in this configuration.

radio flyer configuration 3

One seat faces the rear of the wagon with a small covered storage area.

radio flyer configuration 4

One seat faces the rear of the wagon with an activity tray and two cupholders.

radio flyer configuration 5

Two seats facing each other. This is our favorite configuration for two children.

An added comfort feature of this Radio Flyer wagon is the padded seat covers. These slip on and off very easily. They provide a decent amount of fabric between your child and the plastic seat so that they will not bump their heads when going over bumpy terrain. Because they are so easy to remove, they can also be washed easily. Another advantage of using the seat covers is that they have pockets on the back of the seats. These are small but can be used for things like snacks, a parent cell phone or keys, small toys, tissues, etc.

radio flyer seat cover

One item that Radio Flyer touts with this wagon is the Dura-Tred tires. These tires are intended to provide you with a smooth and quiet ride. I did not personally notice any major differences with these special tires. I think the nature of a wagon ride is that it is bumpy and noisy. Perhaps the tires cut down on this slightly, but overall, it is still a wagon.

One thing that was strange to me about this wagon at first was that the handle where you pull the wagon is attached to the body of the wagon rather than the axle. If you are used to the traditional wagon, the feel of turning in this one will take some getting used to. After using it several times, I did realize that this set up does allow you to actually make tighter turns because the two front wheels can turn independently and don’t stop at a 45° angle. It does take some trial and error to get used to this style, but it is an improvement once you get the hang of steering.

radio flyer wagon steering

Note the handle’s location with that of the wheels. This also depicts a 6th seating configuration which is not mentioned above. This is the only configuration for a single child which allows the child to face forward rather than face the rear of the wagon.

This would be a fantastic gift for kids this holiday season. You would not only be giving them a Radio Flyer wagon, but gifting them the joy of creating memories of playing outside, going for walks, and having the childhood requirement of a little red wagon. The Radio Flyer 5-in-1 Family Wagon can be found at Toys R Us here. To shop other Radio Flyer wagons and accessories, visit their website here.

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