When you think dog food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think about that dry kibble that you have to make into something delicious and hearty that your dog will love? Stop thinking that right now because with Purina ONE Smart Blend Dog Food, it is already hearty and nutritious enough that you don’t have to think twice.

There are lots of varieties to choose from such as:

True Instinct Formula With Real Turkey & Venison

True Instinct Formula With Real Salmon & Tuna

Health Puppy Formula

Large Breed Puppy Formula

Lamb & Rice Formula Adult

Chicken & Rice Formula Adult

Small Bites Beef & Rice Formula Adult

Large Breed Adult Formula

Sensitive Systems Formula Adult

Healthy Weight Formula Adult

Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula

There are also all sorts of canned combinations that will make your dog super happy and satisfied. We all know about people that have pets and that they always want to do the best for their furbabies. You wouldn’t feed your child something that you thought was not made with the best ingredients possible, would you? Well pet parents don’t want to do that either!

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I received all types of goodies to help me out with the challenge to make my dog healthier. Along with the dog food I was supplied with a water bottle, grilling plank, flash drive and a notebook. Progress starts slowly but you will be amazed at the difference by just switching you dog food to something that is more healthy.


A little bit about the Salmon & Tuna variety is that real salmon is the number one ingredient. With help with real tuna and other high quality ingredients, your dog will get the protein and energy that they need to stay active even in adulthood. Together the 4 antioxidant sources make a healthy difference. Nature and science have made it so that there is a 100% balance in nutrition to support your dog’s health and their true instinct to be active. The dual defense antioxidant blend includes Vitamins E & A, along with the minerals zinc and selenium to have a balanced diet that is working hard around the clock. Your dog’s immune system will be supported and on the outside you will notice healthy skin and radiant coat.

I challenge you to start your 28-Day Challenge and get $3 off your first bag when you sign up for the challenge! Your dog will enjoy healthy moments all day long. Pets are our family too so we should treat them like it.

Meet my newest addition to my family who is my baby boy. So not only do I have four guys in the house, I know have five. 


Purina ONE has been around a while, so I know that you have heard of them. For over 80 years, they have been guided by the belief that pets and people work better together. They are invested in the quality of their food as much as you are about giving you pet the best. It is beyond pushing your pets’ nutrition further though. Purina ONE wants to raise awareness of what your pet truly needs to succeed. The know how important the bond with a pet is and how pets can strengthen your family in ways that you never thought was possible. They want to drive pet nutrition forward and are always researching what more they can be doing to support the wellbeing of your pets. They work hard for your pets and they enjoy every single moment. Visit Purina ONE’s website here to learn more about their products and to see all the different dog foods available. 

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