With the season of super germs upon us, make sure that you are prepared with Purell. Their hand sanitizer, wipes and travel pump sanitizers will make your life of fighting off germs that much easier. Whether it work or on the go with your kids, Purell will be the savior from germs that you have been looking for.


No matter what the situation Purell has an answer whether it be their wipes or their pump sanitizers. Their Purell Wipes come in different fragrances and also fragrance free for those that may have a sensitivity. Gently clean hands and faces and kill germs all at the same time. Most common germs that land on hands are what can cause the illness that we suffer from. Purell wipes are perfect whether you are at home, work or on-the-go. Also when there is no soap and water available to you, they will be a saving grace.


For hands and life on the go their are two options. The Pump Bottles and the wrap carrier clip-on for your purse are the ideal size for sanitizers on the go. The pump bottle is a convenient 2 ounce size and just one squirt from it will kill just as many germs as 2 squirts of any other national brand. The purse sizing is a 1 ounce flip top cap bottle that can be attached to any sort of bag. It goes where you go. Both of these are enhance with four different nourishing skin-conditioning agents, so it will not dry your skin or be harsh. Both are also clinically proven to help maintain healthy skin. It’s a win-win with killing germs and keeping your skin moisturized.


Purell Hand Sanitizer was invented in 1988. Can you believe it? Healthcare providers and restaurant operators wanted a way to reduce the spread of germs. Purell did great and was very successful because of it’s convenience and gentle feel. It was killing 99.9% of germs. You no longer had to wash your hands at a sink to kill germs. Purell became extremely popular and I think you can imagine why.


Now people wanted to be able to use these items in their own home and in 1997 this happened. Sanitizing and killing germs was changed forever and today Purell is one of the most recognized brands in America and the world. If it can work for hospitals and restaurants and keep germs at bay, then keeping germs away from your little ones and yourself should be no problem. Trust what the professionals do and also take the 30 day challenge. Share your story on social media to inspire others to take the easy route to kill germs and keep illness away. Learn more here.

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