Punkin Wrap Review- So much more than a nursing cover!

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The Punkin Wrap is a product designed by a mom to meet the various needs we encounter when out and about with our little “Punkins.” It is purposefully planned so that it can serve as a sunshade, blanket, and nursing cover. All of the components of the Punkin Wrap are made in the USA. Additionally, the Punkin Links are BPA, PVC, PET, and Phthalate free.


Each Punkin Wrap comes in a cute little bag with a ribbon drawstring closure. The bag has a button hole opening through which one of the included Punkin Links can be placed. This allows for hanging the carrying bag from a stroller, diaper bag, belt loop, or wherever else you like to hang things. The Punkin Wrap also has four button holes (one in each corner) to use with the Punkin Links.

Punkin Wrap Button Hole

Removing the Punkin Wrap itself from the bag, you will also find an additional seven Punkin Links (for a total of eight). These linking rings are what really sets the Punkin Wrap apart from other nursing covers. One of the great things of having so many Punkin Links is that you don’t need all of them at once. This means you can leave the links on a few of the most used locations and slip the Punkin Wrap off to use it somewhere else. The rings give this “nursing cover” much more flexibility to serve other purposes as well.

Punkin Link

Carseat/Stroller cover- Using the Punkin Links, you can use the Punkin Wrap to cover just about any carseat or stroller. Most people do this to prevent strangers from touching baby or to create a dark space for napping. It can also be used to supplement the seat’s shade canopy if it is not quite large enough or flexible enough to cover the required space.

Carseat Cover
A peek inside the Punkin Wrap as a carseat cover.

Blanket- It’s summer right now, so one of the last things on my mind is keeping baby warm. I know that in a few months I’ll be singing a different tune, so I gave it a trial run to see how well it would work. It’s fairly soft right from the start but it does have some stiffness to it. I think it will become softer as it gets washed and broken in a bit. As far as blanket weight goes, I’d put it in a fairly lightweight category. It was neither my nor my daughter’s favorite blanket. If it was the only thing I had and it was cold, I would obviously use it. I’m going to keep washing and using it and hope it softens up!

Changing Pad- This would not be my preferred changing pad. One of the top features I look for in a changing mat is that it is easy to wipe clean. If this got dirty during a change, I’d need to wash it before I’d want to use it for any of the other purposes. If I didn’t have anything else and needed to do a change, of course I could use it in a pinch.

Tummy Time Mat- Again, this is not my preferred tummy time surface. It could work if you were desperate for something (emergency tummy time?) but there are many better alternatives that are cushioned or have wipe clean surfaces. I don’t think I have ever been out and about and said, “It’s tummy time! Oh no, where are we going to do it?” However, if you were at a friend’s house and the floor happened to leave something to be desired in the cleanliness category, this would probably be a good option to quickly set on the floor before placing your baby there to play. In this case, I would wash it again before using it for nursing. It is also important to be cautious of using it on hard surfaces like tile, wood, or cement flooring. Since there is no cushion to this, so a roll over, head bump, or the like could be a little painful.

Babywearing cover- When babywearing, the little one is usually pretty covered already. Sometimes though, you may need a little more coverage to create a darkened space for nap time, to help insulate from the cold, or even to nurse. My little one is so interested in the world around her that I usually need to block her view of the world before she will settle down to sleep. The Punkin Wrap serves this purpose quite well. After she falls asleep, I do remove it because it can get pretty toasty.

Sunshade- Aside from a nursing cover, this is by far my favorite use for the Punkin Wrap. The Punkin Links make it possible to create shade almost anywhere. This is particularly important for babies who are still too young to wear sunscreen. By adding additional links, you can customize how low you need it to hang or the length you need it to span.

In the afternoon, our backyard is fully exposed to the sun. To create an island of shade for swinging, we used the Punkin Links to hang the Punkin Wrap from the top of the swing. Even though the sun blazed all around her, my lil Punkin stayed cool and sunburn free in the shade.

Punkin Wrap swing shade
Swinging in my own little piece of shade

I found that for my car, two links on one side and one link on the other creates the perfect distance to reach between the post of the rear headrest and the front passenger headrest post. This creates a complete shade barrier between the baby and the window. While some light comes through, the Punkin Wrap is much more opaque than those screen car shades that suction cup to the window. Plus, you don’t have to worry about suction cups un-suctioning or rolling down the window because something is stuck to it. Unlike a blanket, the baby cannot pull this down because it is secured in place.

Punkin Wrap Shade Car
Using the headrest posts as anchors on each side.

Nursing Cover- This is what I initially thought of as the “main” use or purpose of the Punkin Wrap.

The Structure of the Punkin Wrap:

It is 27” long by 34” wide. I compared this to another nursing cover that I have. It measures 24” long by 32” wide. This may look like only a few inches on paper, but in reality it is a full 150 square inches larger overall. That’s 150 more inches covered than one of many competitors. The wrap itself is made of 100% cotton.

Detachable nursing strap- This is an adjustable length band of fabric with a hook at either end. The hooks secure underneath small elastic slots at the top of the Punkin Wrap. They are very easy to hook and unhook so you won’t be standing there messing with it while your hungry baby screams at you.

Punkin Wrap Nursing Strap

I took the Punkin Wrap out and about for the day to give it some “real world” use. We happened to be spending the day at a local resort where my in-laws were staying while they were in town. While some shirts can themselves be used to provide coverage while nursing, I have found that swimwear leaves a lot to be desired in the nursing modesty category. I was glad to have the Punkin Wrap to provide discretion while I lounged in the shade nursing my little one.

Punkin Wrap Nursing Cover

I did find that she got a bit sweaty underneath the cover, but I would expect that from any nursing cover. She was able to get her arm out and rest it on top of the cover. Because of the generous sizing, this did not result in a breach of modesty on my part. There is a more firm piece of fabric at the top near my face. This is to assist in viewing your baby discretely. You can use this to help you see to get a good latch or just to check in on the child occasionally. I did not find it very useful because it always seemed to fold or there was fabric underneath blocking my view. This might just be a personal problem, though.

Overall, I liked it as a nursing cover, think it’s okay as a blanket, but LOVE it as a sun shade!

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