Pumpkin pie hot cocoa1

Want to know a secret? I love hot cocoa! It’s so warm, creamy, and delicious. It’s hard to not love it, right? Well, when fall rolls around, I love to add a little special treat to my already delicious hot chocolate. Want to know what that special treat is? Pumpkin, of course!

Hot Cocoa Ingredients:

2  C whole milk
1/3 C heavy whipping cream
1/4 C milk chocolate chip
1 tsp  cocoa powder
3 TBSP canned pure pumpkin puree
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Whip Cream Ingredients: 

1 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Hot Cocoa Directions:

-Whisk milk,whipping cream, cocoa powder, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice together into a sauce pan.
-Add chocolate chips. Stirring to melt.
-Heat until steaming.
-Pour into mugs .

Whip Cream Directions:

-Add all ingredients in a chilled bowl.
-Beat on medium speed  until the cream holds soft peaks.
-Add a dollop of whip cream to the top of each mug.

Pumpkin pie hot cocoa3

Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa is something that you will look forward to every year from now on. It’s creamy, delicious, and so satisfying. I have to keep myself from going back for cup after cup. I encourage you to introduce this to your family and friends because I’m sure they will love it to. This is one of the most requested “warm” fall drinks in my household. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!


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