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The words “Diaper Bag” sound so inglorious and frumpy. When I think of a woman carrying a diaper bag, I imagine mussed up hair, no makeup, spit up on her shirt, pushing a stroller with two screaming children. Now, this may be your reality and it’s awfully similar to mine, and that’s when I carry a diaper bag. But what about those good days, where you manage to take a shower, you have on some makeup (or at least dabbed on some lip gloss), your jeans magically seem to fit just right, and your shirt is clean (at least for the next five minutes). For those days, ladies, we need to ditch the diaper bag. Now you say, “But I still have children and I need to carry around all of the miscellaneous items they need and might need and probably won’t need but I’ll be sorry if they want it and I don’t have it.” No need to fret, I have a great solution for you.

Pink Lining Yummy Mummy

Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Pink Lining to review one of their Yummy Mummy products. This bag was designed by Charlotte Pearl who  was expecting a baby and shopping for diaper bags. She couldn’t find one that was fashionable and would also meet all the demands of a busy mom. So, of course, she designed her own and the Yummy Mummy Pink Lining Diaper Bag was born.  Technically it is a “diaper bag” but for the sake of de-frumping ourselves, let’s just call it a Fashion Tote for moms. So what sets this Fashion Tote apart from the traditional diaper bag?

Appearance- This is not a Plain Jane bag, nor does it come in some juvenile cartoon character print. The print I chose is a dragonfly in varying shades of purple. I adore purple and have found it very difficult to find bags that have purple, look good, and are actually functional. Don’t worry, if you aren’t a fan of the purple, there are many other color options including red, navy, peppermint, and pink. In addition to the cute pattern, each of the Yummy Mummy bags has a cupcake applique on the front pocket. If you know me at all, you know that I adore cupcakes. Mostly to eat, but when I can’t eat one, I’d really like to think about them and having one on a bag is just icing on my cupcake.

Pink Lining cupcake pocket

Quality- I love that all of the hardware is high quality and feels very durable. The carrying strap and handles are made of a very sturdy feeling canvas style woven material. The bag is accented with leather on the handles, zipper pulls, and outside pocket bows (which are so cute!). Additionally, all of the straps are attached with metal hardware, not plastic.

Pink Lining side view

The outer fabric can be wiped clean easily and there are four metal feet on the bottom of the bag to help it stand upright and to keep it from sitting in the dirt. The inside is a hot pink, water resistant material that lines the entire interior. As a whole, it feels very sturdy while still looking beautiful.

Additional Features

Stretchy fob: This is an elastic band with a keychain style hook on the end. It is intended to clip your keys or pacifier to it for easy use while still attached. I like the idea of this but I don’t like its placement. It is located slightly above the diaper pouch so that whatever is attached to it will either hang inside the diaper pocket (I would not hang my keys where they would rub up against diapers and possibly damage them) or hang over the diapers, blocking access to them.

Pen loop: This is a small loop sewn next to the stretchy fob. This has the same problem as the fob: a pen place here is going to sit inside the diaper pocket. I would never leave a pen where it might accidentally write or leak on my cloth diapers.

Side pockets: There is one on each end of the bag. They could be used for water bottles, a travel wipes container, keys, a snack, toys, or any number of things you might want to be able to access easily. They are generously sized and adorable with their little ribbons.

Front pocket: On the front of this pocket is the cupcake applique. It has a magnetic snap closure which makes it easy to access yet closes securely. This is where I keep my wallet and keys.

Slip pocket: A very small pocket inside. It is intended for a smart phone or mp3 player.

Insulated pockets: These are also generously sized and easily hold a water bottle, baby bottle, or sippy cup. They will keep contents warm or cold up to four hours (of course this will vary based on the temperature outside).

Detachable mirror: Use this to check your makeup (since you are wearing some with this fashionable tote!) or entertain a baby for a few minutes.

Zippered wet bag: This cupcake print bag will hold about one pocket diaper or one wet outfit or a swimsuit. It’s a great item to be included with the bag, but it will only hold about one item (or maybe two small items).

Padded changing mat: This is one of the most comfortable feeling changing mats I’ve ever felt that is included with a bag. It is very squishy! It is covered in a water resistant material and also has the cupcake print on one side and the Pink Lining logo on the other.

Pink Lining accessories

Included mirror, changing pad, and wet bag

Alright, so we’ve established that this is a good looking, high quality tote with lots of features, but how does it stand up to actual use as a “diaper bag”? The first thing most people want to know is how many diapers it can hold. Well, to be honest, it really depends on how much other stuff you are going to be packing. You could theoretically fill up every pocket and pouch with diapers and carry a ridiculous number. Instead of filling up the entire bag and telling you how many diapers the bag can hold, I’ll assume your question is how many diapers can fit in the pouches which are designated for that purpose. Again though, it’s going to depend on whether you are wondering about cloth or disposables and what size diapers you are using at the moment.

To give you an idea of some diaper options, I was able to fit two one-size pocket diapers in each pouch, for a total of four. I was able to fit 6-8 size one disposables for a total of 16 (I hope you never need that many in one outing!).

Pink Lining diapers1

If you are using prefolds and covers, I was able to fit three small prefolds in a pouch and four small covers in a pouch. Or, a more likely scenario would be 5 prefolds and a couple of covers.

Pink Lining diapers2

Now, what about the rest of your stuff? I went ahead and actually packed up my bag to use it and here’s what it contains:

My wallet- In the cupcake pocket

My keys- In the cupcake pocket

4 one-size pocket diapers

Included changing pad

Included wet bag

My own wet bag

Included mirror

A small toy attached to the stretchy clip

Pink Lining inside1

A water bottle for me

A sippy cup for baby

One change of clothes for baby

A jacket for baby

A sun hat for baby

A light blanket/nursing cover

A washcloth

Pink Lining inside2


First aid kit

Pink Lining side pockets

There was obviously sufficient room for what I consider the essentials. In fact, there was still a little room for a couple more toys or another change of clothes.

I absolutely love this tote! It has an adorable print, is incredibly high quality, and has a few fun extras. I love using this on days that I really feel like I’ve got it together. Because I like this bag so much, I think I’ll make an effort to try to get myself put together more often!

To get your Pink Lining diaper bag fashion tote for moms, visit Pink Lining here!

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