Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Precious 40 to review one of their weekly subscription boxes. Precious 40 assembles two types of snack subscription boxes: one for pregnancy and one for breastfeeding. They are each designed to meet the specific nutritional needs for women whose bodies are supporting the lives of their babies.


I absolutely love the idea of these boxes. I remember while I was pregnant, I had difficulty finding snacks that were both convenient and healthy. I wish I had known about Precious 40 at that time so I could have had more nutritious snacks at hand and wouldn’t have reverted to a pack of fruit snacks quite so often! The box for nursing moms is just as fantastic an idea. I find that I am constantly hungry these days and while those fruit snacks allegedly contain 100% of my vitamin C, they are also packed with sugar, food coloring, and who knows what else. I guarantee you will not have any concerns about the ingredients of items in your Precious 40 box.

Each box’s snacks are designed by a nutritionist who takes into account what is safe for pregnancy/nursing, who looks for snacks without additives or preservatives, intentionally searches for foods that contain ingredients that support your health needs, and are organic or non-GMO foods. For more information on their key nutrients, visit the Precious 40 Nutrition page.

So onto the good stuff! What’s in the box? In each box you will receive a variety of snacks along with a paper which describes why each item was selected. The paper lists each item and provides information about the specific benefits of that item for both mom and baby.

Precious40 box

Here’s what I received in my box:

Granola + Coconut Bar: I’m very into granola bars. Even before pregnancy, I was a fan of granola bars. However, many granola bars are very sugary. The Precious 40 treats all are low in sugar without compromising taste. I also love that oats are known for increasing milk supply which is how this snack ended up in my nursing box. This particular granola bar was soft yet chewy and contained a lot of the features I love in a granola bar. It contained pieces of fruit and had a nice texture to it without being too crunchy.

Precious40 granola bar

Chocolate Macaroons: These were my favorite item in this box! I adore chocolate and have a bit of a sweet tooth. What’s incredible is that these are low in sugar but taste amazing. Not to mention all of the health benefits of the almonds (vitamin E) and coconut (healthy fats to help baby build immunity). I really appreciate that I can eat any of these snacks without a guilty feeling that I am not consuming appropriately nutritious foods.

Precious40 macaroon

Thai BBQ Sea Bakin’: I was a little wary of these at first. This snack is a base of dried Nori seaweed that has been flavored with a Thai barbecue blend of seasonings. My first bite was reminiscent of a taste of a sushi roll that has been wrapped in seaweed. I thought it was a little odd, but after a few more bites, I was hooked. These little seaweed bites really grew on me. Because I have a sweet tooth, I am typically drawn to selecting snacks that are on the sweeter side. However, this leaves me in a conundrum when I have a desire for something more savory. This is a perfect snack for those (rare) moments! Plus seaweed has many great benefits for both moms (iron) and their babies (vitamin A)!

 Precious40 Sea bakin

Apricot Bar: This snack is similar to a fruit leather. It is a little thicker and chewier with imbedded flax seeds. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t my absolute favorite item. Compared to some of the other items it was a little more on the bland side, although to some, that may be appealing. Like everything, it has nutritional benefits to support your breastfeeding journey.

Precious40 Apricot bar

Mother’s Milk Tea: As the final item in the box, I was probably the least excited about this tea. I am not a fan of tea and it has been so hot that I couldn’t even fathom pouring a warm beverage down my gullet. Fortunately, it rained one day and cooled off enough that I decided to give it a shot. I actually had a pleasant experience sitting on the couch and listening to the rain outside while having a cup of tea.It has herbs in it which support increased lactation and the fennel is supposed to help with gas and colic. So even if I wasn’t very into the idea of it, I liked the associated benefits enough to try it. I am actually glad I did. It has a very different flavor than other teas I have tried and I found it quite inoffensive.

Precious40 tea

One of the great things about the Precious 40 boxes is that you get to give feedback about the items in your box. You tell them what you like and what you don’t really care for in each box. This helps them customize future boxes for your tastes and preferences. Also, when you sign up, you can indicate any allergies or other dietary restrictions so that you can be certain you get to eat every item in each box!

Rather than wandering up and down aisles in the grocery store, reading labels, comparing ingredients, and wondering if you will even like an item, you can save yourself time and money by having a Precious 40 box delivered right to your door! It will contain healthy, nutritious, baby-safe snacks that are built around your dietary needs. To start receiving your own Precious 40 boxes, visit their website here.

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This blog received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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